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Friday, October 7, 2022

Hispanic influencer Aida Merlano is convicted of helping her mother escape; reveal what happened

  • They condemn the influencer Aida Victoria Merlano.
  • They assure that he was an accomplice in his mother’s escape from the authorities.
  • His mother is former congresswoman Aida Merlano and she is accused of buying votes.

They condemn influencer Aida Merlano. The tragedies for the entertainment world continue to be present in any way. Without a doubt, no one is exempt from going through moments full of anguish, despair and terror. It was recently revealed that a Hispanic influencer shared the hard time she is going through with her mother and the legal consequences that she would bring.

Public figures also tend to experience all kinds of situations, since nothing exempts someone from being on the verge of despair due to complicated moments that come to be present within their family. Through a video, the influencer shared the heartbreaking news.

Hispanic influencer receives sentence

They condemn influencer Aida Merlano

We well know that on the internet we can find any type of information and what can be expected when it comes to figures that are already well known in the middle of the show, this time social networks were used for the young influencer to share the desperate news.

This is the influencer of Venezuelan origin Aida Victoria Merlano, who is going through difficult times after her mother was convicted of buying votes in the Atlantic and who is currently a fugitive from the Colombian authorities in Venezuela. Filed Under: Influencer Aida Merlano condemned.

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