Home Entertainment His father almost died of covid

His father almost died of covid

His father almost died of covid

singer Eduin Kaz celebrates his father’s return at home after overcoming the complications they left get covid-19.

Through his social network, Kaz announced that after living a month in the hospitalShe is in a critical condition, finally her father He was discharged from the hospital.

you have to get vaccinated

“Pre-registered, for those who asked me about my dad. Un months into battle, but it was achieved“, leader of firm group.

The celebration came with the need for the singer to send a strong message to his followers about Importance of following medical recommendations and getting vaccinated against the virus.

According to him, it This will not only take care of your health but also your financial condition.

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Eduin Kaz’s father did not want to be vaccinated

The singer explained thatHis father went to the hospital after contracting Covid-19 after refusing to receive the vaccine. As do millions of people in the United States, potentially exposing themselves to dangerous strains like Delta.

Now Cage will have to pay for medical expenses With the savings he plans to use for investments.

Paying off “a very expensive debt”

“I’m here with my savings that it was something i planned to do, make, i don’t know, i struggled a lot To get it and I’m going to spend it in the hospital because thank god my dad is already cured”

“He is in the process, but he has already been discharged and I have to pay off that debt that’s too expensive, too expensiveKaz said in his Instagram stories according to People en Espaol.

How to prevent infection by covid-19?

Kaj refrained from giving the exact amount of the loan, but insisted that such a situation is good. This can be avoided by getting a free coronavirus vaccine.

“I want to advise you, if you want to take it well, I don’t care if you don’t want to take it, it’s your problem, it’s your money and life. I recommend that you get vaccinated, you will get sick in a day or two, but it’s free“.

“The vaccine is free. Trust me, it hurts to spend all your savings, it doesn’t burden me, it’s my dad’s life, but it hurts a lot to work and work and spend it that way.” is. better get vaccinated“.

Better to prevent losing your life

If they’re offering you the covid vaccine, apply it, Because that’s what’s happening to my dad,” he said. He didn’t want to get vaccinated and it’s the cheapest thing that’s going to come, you’ll get sick at most in two days, but it’s better two days than losing your life.”