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HINT? Ángela Aguilar’s ex-boyfriend premieres a song from ‘despite’

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  • Gussy Lau premieres song “De lejitos”
  • Angela Aguilar’s ex says “You are going to be my great love”
  • The controversial relationship between the daughter of Pepe Aguilar and Gussy Lau

Ex-boyfriend Ángela Aguilar song. The love between Gussy Lau and Ángela Aguilar ended very soon, all due to the controversy that arose between the two, since neither expected things to get out of control. Things did not go as expected, and all the controversy that arose went unnoticed.

Although Ángela Aguilar has sung several songs and premiered new ones where she talks about heartbreak, many think that she is dedicated to who her supposed boyfriend became. But now, Gussy Lau has just written a new theme, which it is presumed, could also bring a dedication.

Write Gussy Lau heartbreak song

Ex-boyfriend Ángela Aguilar song

The 33-year-old composer, Gussy Lau, who has worked for regional Mexican figures such as Christian Nodal and Pepe Aguilar, had a relationship with Pepe’s daughter. When the compromising photos of them kissing surfaced, people talked about them for weeks and weeks.

The controversy took on much more force because the composer was many years older than Ángela Aguilar, which raised a lot of criticism. Lau was disconnected from social media for a while, but now he’s back and with a very controversial topic, did he write Angela a song? Filed Under: Ex-boyfriend Ángela Aguilar song

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