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‘High Tide’: A series about disappearances and virtual harassment in Mexico

A sixteen-year-old girl goes missing, disturbing a small town. The threatening messages that arrive from his account on social networks generate chaos among the inhabitants. A young city police officer rebels against the authority of an experienced police lieutenant, accusing him of prematurely closing the investigation.

This is how the series begins High tide, starring Cassandra Ciangherotti, Jesica Vite, Raúl Méndez, Antonio López, Giovanna Utrilla and Matías Gruener among others; the direction is in charge of the Spaniard Roger Gual, winner of the Goya award, and written by Antón Goenechea, who worked on Luis Miguel, the series and Perdida.

The mysterious case of Selene Delgado, the woman ‘disappeared’ 20 years ago who appeared in Channel 5 commercials

Cassandra who plays Maya, a detective who will investigate the case of a disappearance, mentioned in an interview with MILLENNIUM that he loved working with Roger Gual because he confessed that it was hard for him to follow directions, however, everything flowed quite well and he loved the director’s work.

“He is a director who listens to you, flows with the proposals; I enjoyed it very much, I’m not ashamed to say it because I already told him and I would work with him many times again, “said the actress.

During the talk, the director shared one of the exercises that he gives the actors: Take B, which consists of the cast making a different contribution with all the right to give one more layer to the sequence that they already have captured, which allows Let yourself be carried away by your character.

“We understood each other very well from the beginning, I left them with an interpretive challenge: a space for everyone to contribute things, in which they can improvise and do different things; Many things have remained of what they gave”, emphasized the director.

“Here a disappearance is narrated, my character represents a vision that comes from outside. It is about what is happening in Mexico, we believe that everything is wrong, that everything is rotten and that there is no escape, but the reality is that many things come from other places of isolation, that someone did not do their job, “said Ciangherotti .

For the director, working in Mexico made him feel at home, “the advantage of telling universal stories is that they can be told in different spaces, in different countries, the nice thing is to find out what is done in each place. I tried to get each character to explain the story in the most honest way so that it would be very real.. Parents who see this story will understand the communication problems that exist, which is what happens to the character of Cassandra, “added the director.

Jessica Vite, who is a key part of the story, advises watching this type of production to understand where social problems come from.

This story is told from heart to heart, we need empathy, seeing this type of news makes me sad, but we have to see it to generate change: that people open their eyes, it is super important that we are aware of what is happening”, he highlighted.


  • Susana Zabaleta and her son Matías Gruener are part of this story.
  • One chapter will be released per week.
  • The series recorded in Tijuana and the beaches of Ensenada in Baja California.


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