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Her husband Fernando Reina?

Her husband Fernando Reina?

The host and television star Galilea Montijo confessed that he has been unfaithful, becoming a trend after his statements.

Galilea performed a dynamic during one of the segments of the HOY program, with Ariel Lopez Padilla: a game called “El Manotazo”, where participants had to answer various questions, including “Love or money?” and “What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever searched for on the Internet?”

During his intervention, both Galilea and Ariel had to answer if they had ever been unfaithful.

Ariel answered yes, but that when he was young, Galilea supported his idea:

“As a kid, one does usually do those things, right?” Said the host, who later joked with a Thalía song: “But I don’t remember, I don’t remember and, if I don’t remember, it didn’t happen, that did not happen “he replied.

But, a few seconds later, Galilea Montijo confessed that he has been unfaithful:

“The net yes,” he clarified.

After other questions, celebrities had to answer if they have ever thought of cheating on their partner, with which Galilea clarified if she has been unfaithful to her husband Fernando Reina Iglesias or if it was in a relationship during your youth.

“No, how lazy,” said Gali, answering if he had thought about being unfaithful to Reina Iglesias.

Here we leave you the video in which Galilea Montijo confessed that he has been unfaithful.

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