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Henry Winkler, 76, dances on TikTok with his grandchildren in adorable video

Henry Winkler

Henry Winkler’s grandchildren showed off some serious TikTok moves in a new video, with Henry joining in on the hilarious ride!

Henri winkler spend unforgettable moments with his grandchildren! The 76-year-old posted a nice TikTok Sunday with her three grandchildren dancing to a remixed version of “When I Grow Up” by the Pussycat Dolls in a living room. “My grandchildren”, the Barry The actor captioned the adorable video, which featured the kids lined up in front of their grandfather, each stepping out of the frame so Henry could walk away when the pace dropped. The family then gathered to dance until the song ended, jumping as the music continued.

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My grandchildren

When I grow up Showmusik Remix – Showmusik Sounds

Henry was married to his wife Stacey Weitzman since 1978 and the couple have shared two children, Max, 38, and Zoe Emilie, 42 years old. The actor and director first joined TikTok in November 2020 and has since shared sweet videos dancing around the house and also showcasing his dogs. The latest video is the first where he shared his grandchildren with over a million followers.

Henri Winkler
Henry Winkler (John Salangsang / Shutterstock).

In 2019, an insider said Closer every week how Henry wanted to “spoil” his grandchildren – in the best possible way, of course. “Henry’s New Show Barry put him back on top and he’s making a ton of money, ”an insider said Closer every week. “He’s a totally selfless guy and he doesn’t squeeze his newfound fortune into cars or real estate, instead he just spoils his family, especially his grandchildren. He enjoys giving generous gifts to his family, but he also adores them in a non-materialistic way by spending time and reading to them the stories he has written.

The source adds: “Henry was about to retire from acting, and now he’s busier than ever and getting the best reviews of his life. It gave him a whole new life.

Henry also told the point of sale how he enjoyed “being a grandparent” and providing for his family. ” I’m having fun. We spoil them with love, ”he continued, referring to how he and his wife love to take care of their family.

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