Henry Cavill asks to stop talking about his girlfriend and his love life

After the details of Henry Cavill’s love life, the actor decided to talk about it and asked that they stop talking about his girlfriend.

The actor from Superman and The Witcher He shared a photo with Natalie Viscuso on his social networks along with a long text in which he asked to stop the “negative assumptions.”

Cavill took advantage of his millions of followers on Facebook, where his message received 568,000 reactions, as well as on Instagram, where he had more than 2 million likes.

Dear fans and followers. I want to make a small announcement. I can’t help but notice that there is a certain social spirit lately and it is becoming more and more prevalent in my networks.

There has been a lot, let’s call it speculation, about my private and professional life. Although I appreciate the passion and support of those same people who are speculating, it has reached the point where I need to say something that in itself is a bad thing. We are living in an era of social enlightenment.

Henry Cavill, 38, said that not all the attention he’s getting is positive, so he had to use his platforms to talk about it and put a stop to it.

Increasingly, people realize that their views can be blinded and that they need to expand. So, for you who are expressing your disdain and disgust in multiple ways: it’s time to stop.

It can be fun to speculate, gossip and dive into our own personal echo rooms on the internet, but his ‘passion’ is misplaced and causes harm to the people who matter most to me, ”said the actor.

Likewise, Cavill invited his followers to continue in an era of “social enlightenment” and move forward with positivity.

I am very happy in love and in life. I would be enormously grateful if you were happy with me, if not, at least try to feel proud and be your best version, “he said.

The actor’s statement came after Henry Cavill went public about his relationship with Viscuso on April 10, just days after they were spotted in London.

Here we leave you one of the publications with which Henry Cavill asked to stop talking about his girlfriend and his love life.

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