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Heidi Klum’s 2 daughters: all you need to know about her adorable daughters Leni & Lou

heidi klum and her daughters

Heidi Klum shares her daughters Leni and Lou with her ex-husband Seal and ex-partner Flavio Briatore. Learn more about the model’s girls here.

Heidi klum is best known as a model, TV host, producer and, of course, the unofficial Halloween Queen, but to her children, the 48-year-old is just a mom. The model has four children: girls Leni, 17 and Lou, 12 years old and son Johan, 15 and Henri, 16.

She shares her sons, as well as her younger daughter Lou, with her ex-husband Seal. The two were married between 2005 and 2014. As for her eldest daughter Leni, Heidi welcomed her with her former partner. Flavio Briatore, an Italian businessman.

With Leni making headlines for being the spitting image of her mother, learn more about her and her stepsister Lou below.

Leni klum

Leni Olumi Klum, born May 4, 2004, is Heidi’s eldest daughter with Flavio. Seal officially adopted her in 2009. While not a biological father and daughter, the two have a strong bond. They walked the red carpet together for the first time in October for the premiere of the Netflix western The more they fall (Seal’s brother Jeymes Samuel directed the film, and his music is featured in the soundtrack), with Seal calling him “one of the proudest moments of my life. He said of their bond: “That’s it and it has always been like this, since the day I met his mother. She was two weeks pregnant with this beautiful lady. We have always had this connection. Leni added: “We have always been close.”

Leni follows in her famous mother’s footsteps as a model. She signed with CAA Fashion agency in July. The young model appeared on the cover of Vogue Germany and Glamor Germany, and paraded for Dolce & Gabbana. The teenager has also appeared in campaigns for luxury jewelry brand Chopard. Most recently, Leni released a collection of outfits inspired by workwear with German fashion retailer About you. With oversized fits and basics, the collection offers clean color palettes and items that are both modern and timeless, including blouses, jeans, bodysuits, and more.

Lou Sulola Samuel

Lou Sulola Samuel, born October 9, 2009, is Heidi’s youngest daughter, whom she welcomed with her ex-husband Seal. As a self-proclaimed “helicopter parent”, Heidi is notoriously (and understandably) private when it comes to her young children. At just 12, little is known about the youngest daughter Lou, although the model occasionally shares photos of her daughter with her face meticulously masked for privacy. (The model often hides the faces of her young children – or shares photos that only show their backs – for added privacy.)

While on Living with Kelly and Ryan in 2017, the former Project track Star open on the decision to maintain the privacy of his children. ” My oldest daughter [Leni] is 13 and she wants to show her face and I always say, ‘No you are not allowed to do that,’ ”she said. “Anytime she’s in it, it must be from the back or [having her face concealed somehow]. It’s different when you do it. I feel like we are adults, but I want to try to keep them as long as possible. She added of her ‘helicopter’ parenthood: “My kids always say to themselves, ‘I don’t have the right to do this, I can’t do that. “

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