Aida Pierce

Mexico City.- Hector Para has already spent a month in jail Allegedly for sexually abusing her daughter Alexa, but now the actress Ada Pierce comes to her rescue.

Her Ex-Partners Always Want to Hurt Her

Whoever was the actor’s partner, more than 20 years ago, talked about what’s happening and revealed that Hector went to jail because of his former associates.

The actress told in the program “De Primera Mano” that It all started with Paulina Garriga, Para’s ex-girlfriend, who approached him to tell about their intimate situations.

“It is a very sensitive subject, but I would like to speak because I think This lady started with Paulina Garriga, She was Hector’s former partner […] he told me knew Hector, who was his girlfriend“; explained the actress.

The comedian also revealed that it was Paulina told him that Hector Parra had strange behavior. for what he said to his daughter Contacted Ginny Hoffman, to tell you what you heard.

“I think that a person who is wrong Because he began to tell me very intimate things about himself and Hector Parra, and he said: ‘I saw how he made his daughter sit to watch a film. I looked for Ginny, because he had already flirted with me and I told him that it strikes me as strange that someone who breaks up with someone looks to the ex to be their friend, “Aida explained

He sent a message to Para’s daughter

Actress He is sorry that his former teammates are going through this situation And he sent a message to his daughter, Alexa, to reflect on what was going on.

“Imagine her angering (Gariga) and Ginny Hoffman […] I can’t set fire to anyone, but Alexa, I invite you to think, It’s so hard to think that a mom or a friend, tThey are using as dart to take revenge, But think about it because if you were too young, they might start to impress you,” Aida said sadly.

He ruined this man’s life, Ever since he started with her murmur, I had already ruined his career, They no longer hired him, they no longer called him at all, but he wanted to go to the last […] Diosito is watching everything And he’s going to help his daughter (Daniela Parra), who is strong, how she helps him and I don’t wish anyone ill, we hope justice will be done,” the actress said.