Home Entertainment Hector Parra has been moved to more “uncertain” territory, his daughter confirms

Hector Parra has been moved to more “uncertain” territory, his daughter confirms

Héctor Parra trasladado de celda

Daniela Parra assured that her father had been turned into prison.

Mexico City.- Daniela Parra became known that Hector Mercury, his father, who was accused sexually abusing your daughter As a result of his relationship with actress Ginny Hoffman, he was changed cell.

According to the girl, the actor was sent to a more precarious class For issues related to COVID-19. Daniela explained that her father’s health could be in danger and more with this transfer.

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The place they moved is “ugly”

In an interview with “Ventanendo” Parra’s daughter remarked that she had visited him in prison and thus learned that they were going to change his cellHowever, their condition will not improve, but vice versa.

“I went out to see him, everything is the same, They moved them and the conditions are not the best […] They changed it to a place called COC, for covid issues or things like that, we don’t know very well […] it’s ugly and true we don’t have a good time“, he expressed Daniela Parra.

Daniela reported that she met with Ernestina Godoy, the head of the Office of the Attorney General of Mexico City, to ask her Hector’s case But the public servant suggested that actor it must be Try to deal with Ginny Hoffman.