Home Entertainment Hector Para’s lawyer criminally condemns public servants

Hector Para’s lawyer criminally condemns public servants

Hector Para's lawyer criminally condemns public servants

MEXICO CITY.—After the actor Hector Para was arrested After being accused of sexual abuse by his youngest daughter, Alexa Parra, on June 15 by the Mexico City attorney general’s office, His lawyer Juan Manuel Perdomo filed a criminal complaint. Against the government servants in custody, as they argue that there were discrepancies in the procedure.

Those indicated include public ministries and their owners, apparently Expert opinion not presented which were previously and only issued by the prosecutor’s office Arrest based on a personal opinion The victim presented

“Social representation was omitted in the expert reports, so much so that the judge was not aware of them,” Juan Manuel Perdomo said outside the prosecutor’s office.

offense for which they are accused of bias And it is used against authority when it stipulates an unjustly arbitrary resolution, in which case, as the lawyer argues, a criminal action was executed without sufficient evidence.

As a measure of acceptance, if found guilty, Ministries can be suspended Or fine because apart from leaving the evidence, they carried out the action to arrest Para.

“At the hearing, the judge reprimands him for not giving such evidence data before the preliminary hearing, (complaint) for his actions, omission of evidence and action taken to the notice of the public ministry in Hector”, elaborates the counsel. did

in addition to the following Do justice to your complaint Hector also aims to compensate for the damage caused to the state. He is currently lodged in the Eastern Prison in Mexico City.

Meyer sued for effects pedaling

In the same way, the deputy will be condemned Sergio Mayer for the offense of impact pedaling, according to Perdomo, since the actor was also involved in a case supporting Alexa and her mother, the actress Ginny Hoffman, which is arbitrarily the sister of YosStop.

“It will be a little later because it is another crime, we are thinking that it will not be introduced until the end of this month. We must not forget that that person still has jurisdiction over the institution he is in. plays, as a deputy he still enjoys a jurisdiction” said the lawyer.