Home Entertainment Hector Para may be released from jail in a few months

Hector Para may be released from jail in a few months

Hector Para may be released from jail in a few months

His lawyer revealed a possible date on which Para could be released from jail.

Legal defense of MEXICO CITY.— Hector Mercury made it known tentative date In which the actor will be released from jail. In an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante, the lawyer indicated that this would happen in September, but unfortunately He will spend his birthday in jail.

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When will Hector Para be released from jail?

As per the legal representation of the actor, Paras can be free later than 30 September this year, but indicated that unfortunately, the actor will have to “celebrate” another year of life in prison. However, he assures that he is very aware of Hector.

Tomorrow is Hector Para’s birthday, we are attending to you […] He is dissatisfied, worried about the situation but It’s coming out in a few months; Not after 30 September. go free”, Guerrero said on the journalist’s YouTube channel.

The lawyer explained that they are “in the supplementary phase of the investigation” so they will have to contribute to the folder. testing which will be evaluated. He also noted that they are looking for witnesses who knew about the relationship of Hector with Alexa So that they can testify on behalf of the actor.

Yes, the Attorney General’s Office will sue the Prosecutor’s Office for sex offenses

The jurist assured that it would be next Tuesday, July 13, when he would “submit a criminal complaint against public servants of the Office of Sexual Offenses of the General Prosecutor’s Office in order to punish them for the way they proceed.

Guerrero confirmed that the following the audience This will happen on August 12th.

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