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Hector Bonilla lent his voice to a short film

Hector Bonilla lent his voice to a short film

MEXICO CITY (El Universal) .- Hector Bonilla turned into an old but leather ball, kicked thousands of times, but with the intention of moving on the football field, which may be dirt or grass, a post or a simple sweater limits with goals created by

And so has been the case for three years, when he lent his voice to a short film that would begin its festive journey, in the hope that the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) would take it as one of its banners. .

“A Ball”, the title of the independent project, is co-directed by sportscaster Gerardo Lisaga Artega and producer and director Octavio Maya Rocha.

“The World Cup was coming up in Russia (in 2018) and we had the idea to create, develop a series of stories, mainly about the Olympics, but one day the story of football came to the fore when he (Lisega) played with the ball. , the feeling that it generated him and it developed. So we looked for a voice, Hector likes soccer and he quickly accepted”, says Maya.

“He talks about a ball, but also deals with what it’s like to roll in life,” says the director.

“A Ball” was shot in Teoloucán, Mexico state, where Lisaga lives, so the entire population wanted to participate.

“So there are about 50 kids playing on the dust court, they all wanted to be there. All of us who like it, we play flat, we know that value, very symbolic phrases of nostalgia are handled that we all win, for example, a ball”, abound.

Oribe Peralta, a professional player, is part of the short’s cast, but it is Bonilla’s voice that gives it the final touch.

“Those who have seen it, like the players, are left with many phrases; Hector gives him the tone necessary to be the ball”, points out Maya.

Gabriel Berristen, the lead cinematographer of Marvel films, is one of those people who has already seen the short film in private and loved it.

“It reminds us of the simple things we’ve filled our lives with, Hector Bonilla’s evocative voice takes us radically into the present and invites us to play and laugh,” he admits.

“A Ball” is awaiting response from the Morelia and Guadalajara festivals, the next edition of which will be held in October.