Home Entertainment He will perform songs by Páez and Ceratti

He will perform songs by Páez and Ceratti

He will perform songs by Páez and Ceratti

Cecilia Toussaint nonetheless has to maintain knocking on doorways

MEXICO CITY (El Common) .— Three years in the past Cecilia Toussaint was named Dwelling Cultural Heritage of Mexico Metropolis and he or she was awarded a diploma that she proudly hangs at dwelling, however that didn’t cease her from knocking on doorways to have the ability to work.

The interpreter is aware of that it might be the prices of all the time doing what she desires, in her profession: “I don’t know if that’s why or not being part of the mainstream (trends); this country is tremendous, they name you heritage and at the same time you have to knock on doors to work ”.

“Maybe it has something to do with your being a woman?”

—I do not like to the touch that subject, however I’ve stopped to consider it, I do not know if that relies on having to knock on doorways, however the music continues to be very masculine, though there are increasingly more girls, extra female presence in all ranges akin to executives, composers, instrumentalists, (music) continues to be primarily male.

Current tasks

Cecilia, with greater than 40 years of profession, ended 2020 presenting her album “Cromático” and appearing within the cleaning soap opera “Imperio de mentiras”. Now he started to broadcast “The south side of my heart”, a brand new manufacturing of which he launched the singles “Miente” and “Esperando nacer”, the latter initially launched in 1981 by Charly García.

The brand new musical wager will comprise songs by Argentine composers akin to Fito Páez, Dante Spinetta and Gustavo Ceratti, who he hopes to current stay throughout November, if sanitary situations enable it.

“I have always been people to preserve, it seems fundamental to me especially in art and I like to recognize valuable people from my point of view.”

“It is embarrassing to face themes that many people have tattooed on their hearts, but I am giving them my own version, with the challenge of making them my own,” he says with out revealing the titles of the songs that had been chosen.

For now, the interpreter has proposals for motion and can take part within the digital tribute that, on Wednesday, August 11, will likely be paid to Ceratti.