He remembers when Galilea and Roxana made fun of Sammy Perez (VIDEO)

MEXICO CITY.— AFTER CONFIRMING IT Sammy Perez He is intubated and in very critical health, after falling ill with COVID-19 on the Internet woke up again one of the following more controversial situations that the comedian suffered the company of conductors Galilea Montijo and Roxana Castellanos, which was criticized at the time and accused of committing discriminatory acts.

Did he make fun of Sammy?

it was May 17th Since 2009, during the program “Make me laugh and you’ll be a millionaire” Televisa (produced by Rubén and Santiago Galindo), in which Celebrities made comedy skits and were qualified by the unified jury at that time Raphael Inclan, The Muskabrothers, Consuelo Duval and Manuel El Flaco Ibanez.

In one of those skits, Galilea Montijo and Roxana Castellanos decided to play a “joke” on Sami Perez. In a video you can see how They call him on the pretext of doing ‘casting’. About the new season of the late-night show.

for where sketch, conductor They made Sammy take off his clothes on the pretext of audition

The climax of the joke will be when A group of guards entered the room With orders to take action against him because he was “naked”, and he remained silent without even realizing the situation, until they told him it was a joke for the program.

when Judges finished watching the video, the comments for Galilea and Roxana weren’t positive at all, especially Raphael Inclan, Who told him very clearly why it didn’t seem like a joke.

“With all due respect it is Sammy’s lack of respect for the terms.” Immediately, Galilea Montijo replied, “Oh, which one! Sammy, where are you, are you a normal person?” He said from the stage, while the cameras searched for him in the audience. The comedian replied. “Sorry, no, we all know Sammy is a television accident. That sounded cruel to me, period.”

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controversy escalated

The controversy that arose shortly after, the same program had to be given place. Sammy so that it emits your answers, that’s how they spent Video in which the same Sammy lashed out at Rafael Inclano, who allegedly defended him from Galilea and Roxana.

“I’m Samuel Perez Reyes and everybody knows me as Sammy and I’m an actor, Sammy is a very special character, and I love that people love him. If I weren’t an actor, my It would have been very difficult for him to earn a living, said the comedian on that occasion.

it only open Inclan’s anger Who assured: “I defended Sammy. They don’t understand it.”

drivers made fun of a controversial topic and ended by Rafael Inklan left the show Very angry after Sammy was labeled discriminatory and abusive.

for its part, Galilea Montijo offers apology To those who were outraged and pointed out that he had a letter that everyone, including the broadcaster, said was a “joke” and apologized for all the actions and comments affecting Sammy and the public.