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He released videos of how Helena Hutchins and Alec Baldwin dealt with the first statements after the fatal shot

The sequence moves. An agent visits one of the places that were part of a film set “War”, in the United States. sign in and helena hutchins is lying on the floor. receiving first aid after being accidentally shot Alec Baldwin in the midst of filming and the outlook isn’t encouraging at all.

The director of photography lost his life on October 21, 2021 due to that incident. The prop gun that the actor was supposed to use was loaded with real bullets., This Tuesday, a video was released that revisits the first moments after that horrific event.

The images were disclosed by police in Santa Fe, the capital of the state of New Mexico. He was taken by a police officer’s body camera. Doctors, executives and others turned to Hutchins from productionAnd also director Joel Souza, who was injured in the shoulder after a projectile pierced his partner’s torso, although he survived.

Production doctors, executives and others attended Halina Hutchins and director Joel Souza in the middle of the "Rust" film set.

Production doctors, executives and others attended Halina Hutchins and director Joel Souza in the middle of the “Rust” film set.

“32 Santa Fe, a woman shot in the chest, a man shot in the stomach. Flight is requested”, reports the policeman on the radio with a panicked breath. Then go back inside the building. “He (for Souza) is fine. His shoulder blade is broken”, described one of the aides to the wounded.

The cuts in filming lead to the moment in which the two are removed on stretchers and loaded into an ambulance. Inside the vehicle are at least five people with Hutchins. Souza looks alert, though sad. His partner’s condition was not at all like that.

Baldwin: “I Was About to Have a Gun”

The footage also shows a police officer talking to Baldwin, who is still posing for his film character, who he immediately admitted to holding the gun, “I was about to have a gun, what do you want?” He asked.

Baldwin hung up a phone call because the agent told him he didn’t need his name. “Let me find my lieutenant and see where we are,” he requested. “We’ll probably meet for a while,” he guessed. The film’s actor and producer nodded.

The actor is later heard speaking to other members of the production: “he handed me a blank gun…everything was set up, headphones, everything…” The gun that killed Hutchins was under the control of gunman Hannah Gutierrez-Reid, and an assistant director handed it to Baldwin, assuring that it would be unloaded. it was done.

The investigation is “almost over”

Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza said Tuesday that the criminal investigation into a fatal incident that claimed a life during the filming of the Alec Baldwin film is “almost over”.

“We guess it’s the week and not the month”The official said they are “waiting for a few things, such as analysis of the gun, bullets, fingerprints and DNA for the final report.”

In addition, Mendoza expressed: “We look forward to the forensic doctor finishing his report and further analysis of the information contained in the cell phone.”

previous video

In the final hours, the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office revealed another video in which Baldwin is seen rehearsing with the first revolver, which may have fired the bullet that killed the director of photography.

In the images, Baldwin can be seen sitting in the pew of a church, which appears to be the same location as the video released on Tuesday and Hutchins died during filming on the same day. in that moment Removes gun from his jacket, points to camera and repeats action a second time,

However, the actor has stated in his testimony that he did not pull the trigger until the fatal scene was recorded.

On April 20, the New Mexico Occupational Safety and Health Administration fined the producers of “Rust” more than $135,000 for failing to follow safety measures during filming.

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