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He likes social media

He likes social media

Alexander Acha adapts to a brand new modality

MEXICO CITY (El Common) .— Social networks and particularly TikTok have been a problem for Alexander Acha, who notes that, being from a distinct technology, he wanted plenty of work to “get in there”, however now that “ he “already got his hands on la onda”, he has plenty of enjoyable sharing content material.

“I’ve been paying a lot of attention to my networks lately, I had a bit of an argument about this because I come from a different time when I started my career, I was on MySpace, but it was more face to face with You sat with people, the promotion was physical and it took a lot of work, I could never have imagined that the networks would be the platform and the most important means of promoting, disseminating and communicating an artist, ”says Acha.

The singer explains that he regularly understood the way it works and has been making an attempt to be attentive to his social networks for six years as a result of he thinks they’re crucial as individuals are there now.

“And when you are not there, people forget you, now they hardly watch TV anymore. It has become something everyday and everyday for young people, ”he says.

And among the many music that has develop into a development on TikTok, he factors out that there’s his tune “¿Vienes o Vas?”, A duet with Denise Faro.

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