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He has no friends! Actor Sergio Defassio assures that Fernando Colunga “scared” his companions by “beater” (VIDEO)

  • Sergio Defassio confessed that he worked with Fernando Colunga and told a secret
  • Did you cross out the soap opera heartthrob as conflictive?
  • The legendary actor assures that Fernando Colunga has no friends

Lonely because of conflict? Fernando Colunga has a rather mysterious personal life, hence he is not known to have a formal partner or is seen living with friends, so it is not surprising that a confession by actor Sergio Defassio was true during a interview in the program ‘First Hand’.

A few months ago, Sergio Defassio was a guest on the program led by Gustavo Adolfo Infante and told an anecdote of work that he had for a long time with Fernando Colunga and surprised everyone with a confession that left locals and strangers stunned by the supposed attitude of the Mexican hunk.

Fernando Colunga ‘scared’ the actors

Fernando Colunga conflictive

Sergio Defassio has been an actor for several years in Televisa soap operas and also in plays, so it was not strange that he had to work alongside Fernando Colunga, but nobody expected him to be branded as a hitter and a person who practically does not He has friends.

“He is strong and stuck and everyone greets and buzzes him, chin (implying that he hits everyone by greeting them), everything is always physical… Before me there was Pierre D’Angelo and he had to leave because he really grabbed the actor (Fernando Colunga) strong scenes of violence and threw him against the scenery and then Pierre D’Angelo left”, Sergio Defassio began by telling.

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