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He has more than 40 years with her! Manuel Ibáñez talks about the iconic trench coat that Jorjais wears

Manuel ‘El Flaco’ Ibáñez is one of the most recognized actors in Mexican cinema and television. In his 75 years he has participated in dozens of soap operas and movies, one of his most popular and recognized roles he has played is that of Jorjais, a beggar who begs for food and money in the series Neighbours.

The character of Manuel Ibáñez is recognized for his way of blackmailing the neighbors but also for hisu peculiar wardrobe that consists of a hat, some torn gloves and a brown trench coat that has a series of decorations hanging on it. Although more than one of the viewers could think that the costumes were designed as one more by the production, The actor who gives life to this character gave details about the iconic trench coat.

The “skinny” Ibáñez explained that said garment has been his property for about 45 years and he bought it from a “toporocho” on the street for just over 100 pesos. This story emerged during an interview with Yordi Rosado.

“That trench coat is with me approximately 45 years old and has made movies, has done theater and now in Neighbors. It caught my attention so much that I saw it and told him: ‘I’ll buy you the coat and I’ll buy you the pants’, they were double pants. I don’t remember how much I paid him, but for him it was a lot, think 150 pesos, something like that ‘“He began by telling the story.

The television actor recalled that the person was wearing the trench coat and pants but at that moment he began to undress to sell the clothing.

“Right there the w ** was undressed, he put on other pants all torn that he brought, he put on another shirt, I sent him to wash, etc, etc. It was for a movie I made with Isela Vega and Andrés García called Una gallina very laying, there he made a teporocho of the town”, he says.


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