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” He has a … small foot ”: Lizbeth Rodríguez’s response to Alfredo Adame

'' He has a ... small foot '': Lizbeth Rodríguez's response to Alfredo Adame

MEXICO CITY.- With a blunt: “Shut up old lesbian”, was that Lizbeth Rodriguez responded to the accusations of Alfredo Adame, who assures that the youtuber is the one who retains hidden Laura bozzo, her buddy for a couple of months.

The content material creator additionally criticized from sexual skills to retrograde pondering that, on a couple of event, the veteran actor has exhibited, as he responded to a follower who questioned him about it.

He has a small dick, it’s the only thing I knowand. And well, you know, misogynist, hitter of women, he speaks ill of the partners he has had. Ya shut up old lesbian!!! “, the influencer wrote on her official Twitter account.

Alfredo Adame and his accusation towards Lizbeth Rodríguez

And it’s that Adame indicated that he acquired at the least 4 “whistles“that alerted him that the Peruvian may very well be hidden within the Lizbeth’s deal with; due to it, the previous driver of Badabun was extremely criticized.

Shortly after these statements, the influencer started to obtain harassment on social networks, which is why she determined to reply on Twitter relating to the alleged cover-up.

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