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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

He had an operation on his nose and now it’s another one? Adela Noriega “appears” in Peru and they notice her face changed (PHOTOS)

  • At 52 years old, they finally capture what Adela Noriega currently looks like
  • A video was sent to an Instagram account where the images were displayed.
  • Did she have an operation on her face and now the Mexican looks very changed?

Adela Noriega at 52 years of age apparently reappeared in Peru and it is that the Mexican has been away from television after 14 years ago she starred in the soap opera “Fire in the Blood” and little is known about her personal life that has always been a mystery for his fans and even for the media.

‘Sweet Challenge’, ‘Quinceañera’, ‘Manantial’, ‘The Virgin Wife’, ‘María Isabel’, ‘Guadalupe’, ‘Fire in the Blood’ and ‘El Privilegio de Amar’, are soap operas starring the Mexican who catapulted her fame thanks to her beauty and her way of acting, but she has not appeared in any production for 14 years and little is known about her.

Adela Noriega was captured in Peru

Adela Noriega reappears

There are many rumors surrounding Adela Noriega, since she had a son by former Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari and always kept it a secret, going through the fact that she left television due to a disease such as cancer, until she decided to undertake a real estate business and already resides in the US.

The truth is that little is known about what the famous Mexican actress, who was one of the darlings of Televisa and the soap opera in which she participated was a guaranteed success, is currently doing, so the mystery of why so much secrecy about Adela Noriega remains. , but I did not count on the fact that a few days ago it would be captured…

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