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“He doesn’t sing like you”: Alexander Acha hinted at who is his favorite from The Academy

Alexander Acha is the director of “The Academy: 20 years” (Photo: Instagram/@laacademiatv)

the grand finale of The Academy: 20 years is yet to come, because next sunday august 14 we will know which finalist will obtain the title of maximum winner, in addition to each one of the questionable prizes that were offered for that season. Although the bets among the fans are already made, the director of this generation, alexander achAlready would have hinted who is his favoritedespite the fact that their job is to support everyone equally.

During the last week of “closure” inside the most famous singing house in Mexico, Nelson, Sea, cesia, Andrew Y Ruby have shown that although preparation will be the key to defending oneself in the last vocal battles, the support of each of their teachers is also essential, which is why the participant from Sonora went with the singing teacher and received a visit from the son of Emmanuel.

There, the current director of the 2022 generation made a confession that would have shown that Andrew is your favorite, detracting from Nelson’s artistic futuredespite the fact that he is considered one of the best voices of the season and the franchise, which is why on social networks they have already begun to claim the favoritism that he made clear with his words.

“Let’s see, Nelson doesn’t sing like you”, Alexander Acha expressed, only to be interrupted by the academic: “But it is quite accurate”. Given this, the director repeated the phrase again and added “Yes, but he does not have… because of the record and everything cannot reach those notes, it is impossible for himNelson would not arrive because of the vocal weight, there is no way, he has another register”.

Although Andrés seemed not to understand the situation, even though the teacher present was the one who supported Alexander’s words, the interpreter of songs like I love you, she is my wife Y where are the soulscontinued adding more “truths” that in his opinion favored the future of the academic and not that of Nelson, to whom he mentioned that he may not succeed after The Academy: 20 years.

“The truth, and I’m going to tell you like this even if it seems unfair but it’s the realitythe baritones, as I will tell you, there are very few famous singers and successful baritones, but extremely rare, only in cultured music. In popular music, don’t believe it, because we are used to the explosion being up there, not down there, ”he concluded.

Emmanuel's son assured that he does not see a successful future for Nelson (Photo: Instagram/@laacademiatv)
Emmanuel’s son assured that he does not see a successful future for Nelson (Photo: Instagram/@laacademiatv)

Before his words, more than one quickly managed to save the video moment of the transmission that takes place 24 hours a day, spreading on social networks and causing even more controversy, because his way of thinking was expressed right in the final stretch of the program. , which for some is a sign that, as their favorite, Andrés can win the reality show of Aztec TV.

“Alexander Acha has a favorite and that is going to influence who can win this Sunday.” “I think his words came at the worst time, because we are days away from knowing the winner”. “That it cost the director to finish the program to say who was his favorite and all that.” “Every time he opens his mouth he says something wrong, that if he doesn’t see a future for so-and-so, that his favorite is the other, that is what kind of director is that who expresses himself like that when his role is to support everyone equally”, added fans.

Nelson Carreras was chosen as a student of the Academy as one of the few representatives from abroad (Photo: Instagram / @soynelsoncarreras)
Nelson Carreras was chosen as a student of the Academy as one of the few representatives from abroad (Photo: Instagram / @soynelsoncarreras)

The situation looks even more complicated for Alexander Acha because Nelson has created a large following on social media thanks to his charisma and talent, in addition to the fact that the LGBT+ community has given him unconditional support since he is the only representative in The Academy: 20 yearsas well as of the few – and only he and Dennis Arana They’ve been outspoken on the show — ever.


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