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Monday, August 15, 2022

“He did not sing very nicely in ‘La Academia’: Pedrito Sola criticizes Chiquis Rivera

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Ventaneando has been characterized as a program of opinion and criticism from the world of entertainment, so it is natural that they discuss the different productions of the industry.

In previous days Pati Chapoy together with the team of drivers made a strong criticism of the production of ‘The academyby ensuring that the presentations of the students on stage were horrible as well as the scenery.

While interventions by Myriam Montemayorwinner of the first generation and godmother of the current one, They were classified as hateful.

Pedrito Sola criticizes the talent of ‘Chiquis Rivera’

On this occasion the criticism was for Chiquis Rivera, the guest artist of the weekend. On Saturday he presented two of his songs and on Sunday he paid tribute to his mother Jenny Rivera. Among the controversies unleashed after passing through the reality show were the Disgusted faces of Lolita Cortés and Gavito when listening to her singas well as the moments of tension after his inexperienced point of view regarding the performance of the students, an opinion that López Gavito disqualified.

Added to the list is the statement of Pedrito Sola, who expressed the following:

With great sorrow but he did not sing very beautifully in ‘La Academia’

This after discussing the appearance that Chiquis currently has, since although applauded her obvious weight lossdescribed the shot as asymmetrical, particularly when the interpreter was placed next to the host Vanessa Claudio, since the difference in height was obvious.

Finally, Daniel Bisogno responded to Pedrito’s comment and said that although Chiquis did not have a good voice, it is something they are already used to within the project, referring to the clear lack of talent of the current generation.

Well, we’re used to not singing pretty in ‘La Academia’”.


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