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“He converted the Argentine Association of Actors into the Kirchnerist Association of Actors”

Luis Brandoni, one of the most prestigious and popular actors in Argentina and a former radical deputy, targeted the head of Inadi Victoria Donda and Security Minister Aníbal Fernández after the attempted assassination of Vice President Cristina Kirchner. About, Brandoni ironized about the permanence of both officials in their charges. And he also charged against Alejandra Darín, president of the Argentine Association of Actors.

Victoria Donda, the head of the National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism (INADI) published a controversial opinion column in which pointed to the opposition as the culprit of generating a climate of hatred and of “loading the weapons” of the haters.

For his part, Aníbal Fernández did not make any kind of statement after the obvious flaws in the custody of the vice president in the attack on Thursday night.

Luis Brandoni criticized Donda, Aníbal Fernández and Alejandra Darín.. TV Capture

Luis Brandoni criticized Donda, Aníbal Fernández and Alejandra Darín.. TV Capture

What did Brandoni say?

“They never have anything to do with anything,” Brandoni reproached, during his time in the signal cycle La Nación + Business community. And he went further:They had no responsibility in these three years and it was always the fault of others before them. They say that hate caused what happened and point the finger of the media.

“They appeal to any resource,” he criticized, in dialogue with the host of the program, the journalist Jose Del Rio. And he also dedicated a paragraph to the national senator for the Frente de Todos José Mayans: “This man who said that if you want peace you have to put an end to Justice… all it does is show how desperate they are. They know that they are going to lose in everything”.

To the reproach is that he also added the head of Inadi and the Minister of Security, Donda and Fernández. “Are they still in their positions?”. asked the actor Waiting for the carriage. And before the driver’s affirmative response, he chicaneó: “How wonderful.” After the irony, he had time to sympathize with the former president for the assassination attempt: “The situation CFK was in is intolerable.”

The attack on the media

Luis Brandoni later referred to the media bombardment from the ruling party against the opposition: “Despite what they say, we are not going anywhere. We will continue in democracy. And hopefully his government ends as it should. The safest thing is that another coalition like Together for Change will come. And let’s do things better, “he predicted.

Victoria Donda, targeted by Lujis Brandoni.  AFP photo

Victoria Donda, targeted by Lujis Brandoni. AFP photo

The actor also insisted that the politicians allied with Kirchnerism “are desperate not to have power because if they don’t have it, they are left without a reason for being.” “That leads them to appeal to things that, just by reading or listening to them, are embarrassing,” he assured.

On the end of the interview, Luis Brandoni also pointed out against the president of the Association of Argentine Actors Alejandra Darín for his speech from Plaza de Mayo, at the event on Friday, September 3, the day after the attack: “I find it intolerable. They converted the Argentine Association of Actors into the Kirchnerist Association of Actors (sic). I think it’s nonsense.”

Let us remember that Brandoni he directed the Argentine Association of Actors between 1974 and 1983, that is, in the middle of the military dictatorship.

However, and towards the end, the former UCR deputy was hopeful for the future of Argentina. “I am hopeful of what will happen. Society has changed. It has a democratic attitude. Y I really bet on a society that will know how to tolerate violence”, he said to finish.


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