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He Claims $50 Million “For Defamation”

He Claims $50 Million "For Defamation"

Sickness is served. Starting this Monday (April 11) Johnny Depp (58) is facing a defamation case against his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard (35). He claims compensation of $50 million. And everything indicates that over six weeks—we insist—the media’s curiosity has been assured.

In these first hours, and before Judge Penny Ezcart of Virginia is faced, a jury will complete. Judicially, Depp reached the “Wife Beater” defamation action against the tabloids, in November 2020, following the defeat in the United Kingdom. sun by Rupert Murdoch. For his part, Hurd expects progress $100 million counterclaim…

If the Depp name wasn’t enough to garner media attention, it’s enough to imagine the horrors of the network to review some of the witnesses involved… in person, or via Zoom, the actor will announce James FrancoActress Ellen Barkin And even the founders of Tesla, richest man in the world Elon Musk.

Fans began to arrive at the Fairfax County (Virginia) courthouse.  In this case, to support Depp.  ap photo

Fans began to arrive at the Fairfax County (Virginia) courthouse. In this case, to support Depp. ap photo


Why Musk? Billionaire and Heard just a month after the actor married Johnny Depp assured. Musk denied this, saying he started seeing her when she was single again.

More Witnesses: Paul Bettany (The Da Vinci Code) will speak in favor of Depp, and he assures that during the trial the message between the star Pirates of the Caribbean With Jason Momoa and James Wan—actor and director, respectively, of aquaman, where Amber performs. The conversation that Depp had with the filmmaker via mobile will also be taken into account. Zack Snyderhead of the box office justice league You 300,

In the trial, moreover, what Depp said privately with Rocker would be made public. Jack White (ex-The White Stripes) and with the famous British author JK Rowlingauthor of the story harry potter as well as the screenwriter of Fantastic Beasts, Due to various legal turmoil, Depp participated in the first two until he was dropped.

“Love and Pain”, feels Hurd

Over the weekend, Amber Heard spoke about the trial starting in Fairfax County. The actress recalled that her ex-partner sued for an opinion written by her Washington Post, in which “I told my experience of domestic violence and abuse.”

The actress noted that Although he never named Johnny Depp in his text, “This is the price you pay for going up against powerful men”., He said. In the end, they recognized the “love” and “pain” they felt for their ex, which caused them to “re-live before public opinion” during the worst moments of their lives together.

Actress Amber Heard also has supporters outside the courthouse.  afp photo

Actress Amber Heard also has supporters outside the courthouse. afp photo

But, it is known, even in judicial cases, the show must go on, which is why fans seem to approach court with two basic purposes: ideally, to be able to watch the trial. And if not, follow him around.

So is Jacintya Gillespie, 52, who said she had traveled from Brisbane, Australia. And he intends to wait a month for the trial! “I asked permission to come from my job and be on Johnny’s side, mainly after the UK plot, because I was really upset by that outcome,” she said, in Depp v. sun.

“I think Johnny Depp is a pure soul, and I think he always speaks the truth. That’s why I’m here to support him because I don’t think anyone’s reputation should be ruined based on lies, Which I think Amber Heard did,” Gillespie said.

Tiffany’s fans are not far away, she hails from California. And there was a sign on it that read “Justice for Johnny!” Other fans held small pirate flags with skulls and crossbones. Don’t forget how much he grew in Depp’s case His worldwide fame His role as Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Caribbean,

original lawsuit

Depp sued Heard in March 2019, after she accused him of "abuse and violence."  Reuters Photo

Depp sued Heard in March 2019, after she accused him of “abuse and violence.” Reuters Photo

This fierce legal battle between Depp and Heard—who divorced in 2016 amid prohibitory orders—began when the actor sued his ex-wife in March 2019 for an opinion article published by him. Washington Post At the end of 2018.

Although without naming him directly, he linked Depp to “episodes of violence and abuse”. To support his claim, Depp stated that this journalism note This landed him several lucrative roles and “devastated” his career. And he assured that there were allegations against him against Heard. “Part of an elaborate fraud to generate publicity Positive to Ms. Hurd and for pursuing her career.

Of course it will continue…


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