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HBO Max in crisis: users react on social networks to the cancellation of several projects

hbo max has been available in Mexico and Latin America since June 2021, so it’s been a little over a year positioning itself as one of the favorite platforms of users due to its extensive catalog and that it has all the content of Warner Bros. It even registered a large number of registered users reaching compete directly with Netflix and Disney Plus.

Nevertheless, the last few days following the news of the cancellation of the film batgirlwhich was in the last step to go to the big screen and that sparked a lot of controversy, more alarming news began to emerge within the platform because which has recently also quietly removed other titles as part of its content and not as part of the series and films that come and go each month.

HBO Max has removed original content

The platform removed tapes from its catalog such as Moonshota film starring Lana Condor and Cole Sprouse, the comedy superintelligence with Melissa McCarthy, the remake of Robert Zemeckis, The witches starring Anne Hathaway, the film confined and the drama The Kings of Baltimore.

The portal Variety reported that a tax incentive was the driving force behind the decision to cancel Batgirl, this in the wake of the merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery Inc where the report said:

“Warner Bros will almost certainly do a tax cut, seen internally as the most financially sound way to recover costs. You could justify it by attributing it to a post-merger change in strategy. However, doing so would mean that Warner Bros can’t monetize any of the movies: no debut on HBO Max, no sale to another studio.”

The memes did not wait

All this caused HBO Max became a trend in social networkscausing users to share their best memes due to the crisis of this platform:

Users joked about the fall of streaming platforms.

Many users fear the cancellation of the platform due to rumors that it will possibly disappear to create a new one.

Although so far they are only rumors, users believe that if it is a fact that the platform will disappear.

There are also users who are upset due to the decisions that have been made by Warner since they consider that HBO Max had everything to be one of the most important platforms.


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