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‘Hawkeye’: Hailee Steinfeld and Vera Farmiga Preview Kate and Eleanor’s ‘Complicated’ Dynamic (Exclusive)

'Hawkeye': Hailee Steinfeld and Vera Farmiga Preview Kate and Eleanor's 'Complicated' Dynamic (Exclusive)

Mother-daughter relationships can be strained – and it only gets more complicated when you keep a superhero-sized secret!

MarvelsHawk Eye debuts on Wednesday at Disney + and takes viewers into the world of Kate Bishop, aka Hawkeye himself, played by Hailee Steinfeld. MCU fans know, of course, that Kate isn’t the first Hawkeye. This is Clint Barton, played by Jeremy Renner, who reluctantly takes Kate under his wing after the two find themselves in the middle of a dangerous criminal plot – right on time for Christmas!

Fans of the Marvel Comics – especially Matt Fraction and Kelly Thompson’s runs with the Hawk Eye Characters of the last decade – you know that there is another relationship that is also very central to Kate’s life and development as a heroine: the one she has with her mother, Eleanor Bishop, who is in the Hawk Eye Series by Vera Farmiga.

“There’s a lot of history between these two characters that we don’t necessarily see, but when we start with them we understand that Kate is very much at a point in her life where she comes around and finds out who” she is wants to be alone, “Steinfeld shared with ET before the series premiered.” Her mother sees in her this ambition, but this ruthlessness that she should be channeling in a responsible way, and in a way in which she can be successful or herself can make the way. And I think they just have completely different concepts for success and what it looks like. “

In Hawk Eye, Eleanor runs Bishop Security, an upper-class New Yorker who perfectly embodies the wealthy, WASP-y detachment of a mother whose perfect parenting plan is to have her daughter follow in her Louboutin-clad footsteps in every possible way.

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“It’s such a delicate, complicated relationship that we have with our mothers,” remarked Farmiga. “You are very determinative … We are discovering who we want to be and who we don’t want to be thanks to this very crucial relationship.”

“These are two women who are very, very similar – both very confident, both resolute, both opinionated,” she added of Eleanor and Kate. “And so there is this amazing push and pull, but always, always from love and that umbilical cord that holds them together so tightly.”

While Kate’s secret identity leads her to shoot arrows and fight crime in the New York City underworld, Farmiga noted that she believes Eleanor “sees herself as some kind of superhero too”.

“She’s in the business … for people’s safety and has a daughter who is very skilled but also has a lot of ruthlessness,” she noted. “All mothers try to help their daughters channel power into something more effective, you know?

As fans of the comics may know, there are some interesting (read: possibly villainous) directions the show’s writers and creators could take with the character of Eleanor Bishop, though we’ll have to wait and see what storylines, if any, draw inspiration from them. For her part, Farmiga noted that she had extensive on-screen archery experience and said with a laugh to ET, “Mama Hawkeye is very capable too.”

But during the Hawk Eye At the press conference she played shyly about possible twists. “Is it getting a little dark?” she teased. “We’ll see. We’ll see.”

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“It’s a story about family connection and feelings of closeness or separation,” Farmiga noted in her ET interview. And as for the staging of the show at Christmas time, she added cryptically: “The holidays just make everything more comfortable, more emotional … and more and more complicated.”

No matter where their relationship ends on screen, the actresses only had raves when it came to working together on the exciting new series.

“It’s a pleasure working out all of these kinks with Hailee,” marveled Farmiga. “She’s an amazing actress. She’s so fun-loving, she’s light, and she’s just cute on two legs. I loved doing the mother and daughter thing with her.”

“I can’t say enough great things about Vera and working with her,” Steinfeld agreed. “She was absolutely amazing and handled this relationship so delicately.”

And both of them were more than excited to step into their corner of the MCU and bring some popular characters and storylines to life.

“I’m so happy to play a character so loved by so many that people have been waiting for a while to bring to life,” said Steinfeld. “I really want to play like that [Kate] somehow forced me to find a confidence, a determination and a discipline that were always within me, but for that I really had to get it out of myself and live up to that character. “

Hawk Eye Two episodes premiered Wednesday November 24th on Disney +.


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