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Have you already congratulated him? TODAY is the day of Luis Miguel; here we share its origin

Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri, better known as Luis Miguel or the ‘Sun’, is undoubtedly one of the most successful Mexican singers in history, not only in national territory but also internationally.

After more than 40 years of experience, the interpreter of ‘Now you can leave’ has won all kinds of awards and records. At just 15 years old, he won his first American Grammy, becoming the first youngest Hispanic singer to win one.

In addition, he achieved the record for the song with the longest time at number one on the popularity charts on Latin radio, thanks to his single ‘La Incondicional’.

Added to the above are awards and recognitions such as gold and silver discs, silver torches at the Viña del Mar Festival, record attendance and presentations at the National Auditorium and platinum seagulls; however, as if that were not enough, something that distinguishes him from the rest of the artists is that he boasts of being one of the few in the world with a day-to-day name.

Origin of Luis Miguel Day

In 2013 Luis Miguel began the tour ‘The Hits Tour’, with which he visited 22 countries over four years. It was during this series of presentations that the city of Las Vegas decided in 2015 to recognize his career and impact both culturally and in the entertainment industry.

On September 13, 2015, Luis Miguel offered a concert at the Colosseum of Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, on the occasion of the celebrations for Mexican independence. There, the International Press, Radio and Television Association unanimously awarded the ‘Sun’ the diamond award, to celebrate his artistic career and his continued presence in ‘Sin City’.

In addition, city authorities joined the festivities and through a proclamation by the municipal presidency they promulgated September 13 as Luis Miguel Day.

With the above Luis Miguel adds one more achievement to his long list, because in 2006 the singer received a star on the Walk of Fame, which was unveiled during a concert.


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