Harry Styles Performs in the Rain as Fans Flood Rockefeller Center

Forget rain or shine. it rained And On Thursday, Harry Styles delivered a stadium-worthy performance during his takeover of Rockefeller Plaza.

Despite Not-So-Ideal Weather, “Watermelan Sugar” Singer Launches 2022 City Concert Series today Show, rocking a striped neon jumpsuit with bell sleeves. related to why did she decide on this dressStyles told Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie and Carson Daly that he chose it because he had to perform so “quickly” and wanted to be “comfortable”.

The crowd lost their mind, right, when Styles closed out the concert while playing “As It Was” from his upcoming third studio album, harry’s house, which is expected to fall on Friday. “Boyfriends” proved to be the next performance, which she also performed at Coachella.

“I wrote [it] Towards the end of the recording of the previous album,” Styles said, explaining how the track came together. We could hurry to produce it and it felt like there was something special to it and I wanted to like it. Take my time with you. I knew it would find its way onto the album. It had to happen and I love the song.”

Harry Styles
Angela Weiss / AFP via Getty Images

Styles, who apologized for the bad weather and thanked fans for facing the rain, also performed “Watermelan Sugar,” “Golden,” “Late Night Talking” and “Daylight.”

according to this today, the callout for Styles’ performance attracted nearly 50,000 fans, who requested fan passes to see him perform, a new record. The performance was also a full-circle moment – Styles was also the last singer to take the stage. todayThe City Summer Concert Series in February 2020, just before New York City went into lockdown due to the pandemic.

One of the best moments of the day was when Styles revealed that he lost his lion ring during his time at Coachella. It turns out, the ring slipped off his finger but a fan found it and contacted Styles’ team and returned it on Wednesday!

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