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Harry Styles’ new single debuts at No. 1 and sets Guinness World Record

Harry Styles' new single debuts at No. 1 and sets Guinness World Record

Many imagined the new Harry Styles to be single, as it waswas going to be a success, but no one can predict the dimensions, because it is breaking all records,

The song came out last night first place debut On the Billboard Hot 100 list, after being his second song to reach the top of the rankings. watermelon sugar,

list hot 100 Combines Airplay across all genres in US radio, streaming services and sales.

Harry Styles, a statue still on top.

Harry Styles, a statue still on top.

as it was Here’s another preview of their impending new album, harry’s houseThis is his third solo album, which will be released on 20 May.

also in Guinness

except, as it was It is the first song of 2022 to debut at No. 1, which is also the most streamed song of the year.

Harry Styles at #1, confirmed by Billboard's Twitter.

Harry Styles at #1, confirmed by Billboard’s Twitter.

Harry Styles broke the Guinness World Record for being the most streamed song on Spotify by a male artist in 24 hours.

According to the Spotify Global Top 200 Daily Chart, the song racked up 16,103,849 streams in its first 24 hours on the platform.

On the other hand, 34 countries saw Harry Styles’ single as the top song of the day on April 1. video so far as it was was viewed by more than 54 million Number of people on YouTube, and during the afternoon it was TT on social media.

Harry Styles on Guinness Records Twitter.

Harry Styles on Guinness Records Twitter.

the journey that will come on the river

Shortly after the release of the new album in May, the World Tour “Love on Tour” will begin with three dates in stadiums in the United Kingdom: 11th at Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow, 15th at Emirates Old Trafford in Manchester and 18th. at Wembley Stadium in London.

For the show in Argentina, Harry Styles added a second date to his trip to the country in February, when he sold out 60,000 seats in a matter of hours for his first recital at River Plate Stadium in December of this year.

On the already sold out December 3 show, Styles added a second concert the following day as part of his “Love on Tour” world tour. Jamaican reggae singer, songwriter, rapper, DJ and guitarist Kofi will guest star on both shows.

The Worcestershire County native has also turned to acting, having a role in dunkirco by Christopher Nolan in 2017 and more recently as Eros Eternal, after which he is expected to appear in more Marvel films in the future. And to his concerns he also added the launch of a range of personal care products.

Undoubtedly, of all the members of the youth success One Direction, Harry is the artist who achieved the most success with his solo career. And nothing seems to stop its unstoppable rise.


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