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Harry Styles helps couple get engaged while performing in Portugal

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Harry Styles’ love on tour concert is living up to his name! During a recent show in Lisbon, Portugal, the “Watermelan Sugar” singer helped a concert-goer pull off an epic proposal.

In the clip, Styles stands on stage and watches the couple before handing the microphone to the man. As the fan grabs the mic, he enlists the help of the crowd to introduce his girlfriend to Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love”.

Things get even sweeter as his girl grabs the mic and starts singing with her date. When the camera turns back to Styles, he is watching from the stage.

Just when the audience didn’t think things could get any sweeter, the boy gets down on one knee, takes the ring out of a wallet and asks the girl on the mic, “Will you marry me?”

“Yeah,” the new fiancé yells at the mic, as the crowd cheers and they share a kiss.

Harry Styles

The couple then receives a special blessing from Styles, who tells them “congratulations” before starting the show again.

Styles is known to stop his shows for a variety of reasons. During this run of Love On Tour concerts, the “Treat People with Kindness” singer mentored a concert that had just ended a relationship, assisted with another proposal, and invited an audience member for Pride Month. Helped to come out in honor.

In June, the “As It Was” singer stopped her concert when she saw her former teacher in the crowd during her show in Manchester.

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