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Harrison Ford will star in the first series of his career

Is Indiana Coming Back? No, not a character. The one who returns is actor Harrison Ford. in his first major role in a television series After six decades of cinematographic glory, the eternal Indiana Jones has just signed on to join shrinkComedy written and starring Jason Segel for Apple TV+.

The series, produced by Warner Bros. Television, tells the story of a grieving doctor (Segel) who, at a certain point, He decides to break the rules and tells his patients exactly what he thinks is: no filters. Ignoring his training and ethics, he finds himself making drastic and turbulent changes in people’s lives…including his own.

Ford will play psychotherapist Phil Rhodes, a pioneer in cognitive behavioral therapy who over the years has built on a successful practice that he shares with his two young proteas, Jimmy and Gabby. Completely free, Phil has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’sforces him out of his comfort zone as he grapples with mindless friends, his family, and his legacy.

Ford as Han Solo in "Star Wars", undoubtedly alongside Indiana Jones, the second role that made him global.  Photo: Clarins Archive

Ford as Han Solo in “Star Wars”, undoubtedly alongside Indiana Jones, the second role that made him global. Photo: Clarins Archive

shrink Warner Bros. Television and Doozer Productions is a production; In addition to Segel, Bill Lawrence, co-producer and showrunner of Succeed ted lasso and Brett Goldstein.

Damn Indiana?

Going back to the beginning for Indiana Jones, association is imperative when it comes to Ford. In fact, The actor returned to his classic character for the event. Indiana Jones 5.

The last part of the adventure franchise was about to be released.Originally released in July last year, it was moved to July 29 this year and finally rescheduled for the following year: June 30, 2023 (for now) is the scheduling date for Indian fans.

Harrison Ford, in a scene from "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull".  Photo: Clarins Archive

Harrison Ford, in a scene from “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”. Photo: Clarins Archive

It is the first film in the adventure franchise produced by The Walt Disney Company after the purchase of Lucasfilm Studios. But the Mickey Mouse company ran into countless obstacles.

for example, Injury to the protagonist, Harrison Ford, who was injured while rehearsing a fight scene. The extent of his injury was not immediately known, but it did affect his shoulder. Director James Mangold continued filming while the appropriate treatment for the actor, who will turn 80 in July, was being evaluated.

But the scenes in which Ford was supposed to appear could not be filmed for three months, the time it took him to recover from the setback.

The damn badge fell on filming: In November, Nick Cupack, one of a hundred members of the technical team, was found dead Natural causes in his hotel room in the Moroccan city of Fez, where the film was being filmed. He was an experienced cameraman in the film industry who also acted in films such as Jurassic Park, Harry Potter and Star Wars.

And before that, the shooting of the film was complicated when Morocco banned flights to and from the UK due to a spike in Covid cases, In fact, Ford itself was supposed to fly into the country just before the ban was announced and was unable to do so.


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