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Happy grandpa s Day! These are the most beloved grandparents on television

On August 28, the Grandfather’s daythis holiday is a reason to celebrate or honor those special people who have shown us their love in an unconditional way.

That is why we are going to tell you about the 7 most beloved grandparents on television that, either because of its cute or comic character, have won the hearts of viewers.

Blind grandfather was abandoned by a friend in Tampico; he was from Altamira

Grandpa Hessen – Heidi

One of the characters most remembered by those children of the 80s, because his relevance in Heidi it is so much that even the main theme of said cartoon talks about him.

This character, although he is of a strong character, this granddaughter Heidi’s arrival softens his heartbecoming friendly even with the other characters in the anime.

Abbe Simpson- The Simpson

This grandfather is characterized by having a comical side, which has brought more than one laugh to those fans of the most famous yellow family on television.

Although it is shown that during his youth he was a strong-willed person treating Homer badly on more than one occasion, with Bart, Lisa and Maggie looks more innocenthelping them on several occasions and telling them endless anecdotes.

Son Gohan- dragon ball

Undoubtedly one of the most beloved grandparents on television because he was responsible for raising Goku after his arrival on earth, baptizing him and giving him one of the dragon balls, giving rise to the story of the popular anime. dragon ball.

One of the most endearing moments in anime of action was the reunion of Goku and his grandfather, years after the death of the latter, which undoubtedly brought more than one tear to our eyes.

Tweety’s Granny – looney tunes

This tender granny who saved Tweety from Silvestre’s clutches on more than one occasion is not only one of the most beloved, but also one of the most popular. appearing in various Looney Tunes video games and movies.

Apart from having a tender character, he has also shown a strong side, being able to face aliens in the two installments of spacejam.

Grandpa Phil- Hey Arnold

This Nickelodeon cartoon featured several endearing characters, but Grandpa Phil certainly got a lot of the moments of Hey Arnold.

Phil’s stories and advice got Arnold and his friends out of more than one jambecause his so relaxed and funny way of telling things was very supportive, winning the hearts of all the children who grew up watching this cartoon.

Aida- Malcolm in the middle

this granny It is the opposite of the previous mentionsdue to her cruel character, she is hated by all the popular characters, however, it is thanks to her abusive and sarcastic responses that she has positioned herself as one of the favorite characters of Malcolm in the middle.

Despite his personality, he has shown that very in the background it has a small part of goodnessgoing so far as to save Dewey from being run over and losing a leg in the process.


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