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Hannah Brown and Peter Weber slept together while his season of ‘The Bachelor’ aired

Hannah Brown and Peter Weber slept together while his season of 'The Bachelor' aired

Hannah Brown and Peter Weber had a post-show relationship. After the 30-year-old pilot finished filming his season The bachelor, and when the show aired on TV, the exes who first met on Hannah’s season of The BacheloretteThey saw each other at a party and slept together.

Before the previously unknown date, Peter was staggered by Hannah’s separation from him The Bacheloretteafter the couple slept in a windmill together on the show.

“It was just a strange, strange time,” Peter said in his Bachelors in town Podcast. “… I was into Hannah. I definitely felt it with her. Obviously it ended. It was hard.”

It was hard for Hannah, too, who told the story persons, before the publication of her memoir, God bless this mess“I was so upset to break up with him. I know he really took care of me and he’s such a great guy. I was really confused.”

When Peter started his next bachelor’s degree, he admitted he was “still thinking about Hannah” and was “really nervous” seeing her at the for the first time After the last rose Taping. The reunion went “really well” and Peter and Hannah talked off-camera for “just a second” to possibly see each other.

Peter felt “all emotions flow back during their chat” and thought that their romance may not be “completely over” yet. But then Peter saw Hannahs ATFR Conversation with Tyler Cameron, in which she asked him out on a date and he accepted.

“I was kind of depressed. I remember seeing that [thinking]”Maybe it was in my head somehow,” “he said.

Peter and Hannah then exchanged a friendly text and had a conversation on Instagram, but their communication soon “fizzled out” and Peter continued The bachelor.

“Knowing this helped protect my feelings for him,” said Hannah upon learning that Peter would be heading the next season of the franchise. “I still didn’t know if I could come with him.”

On the first night of filming the season, Hannah appeared on the show to wish Peter the best, and again the feelings “came back a little”. Then she came back on the show, this time to host one of Peter’s dates. It was during that date that Peter told Hannah that if she were with him he would be leaving the show.

“I told her I was leaving the show. I was going. I didn’t know how to go. It was probably the stupidest thing I could have said, but I told her I was going.” the show if it wanted to try, “said Peter.” I think I even made a joke like, ‘Where are you going? We’re getting on a flight now. You can’t physically force us to stay here. ‘”

“Going back and seeing him as a bachelor did a lot,” said Hannah, 27. “Peter told me he’d be 100 percent off the show if I could say I wanted to be with him. I wanted to go on a date with him, but I couldn’t tell I knew exactly. “

The conversation ended without the couple “really reaching a deal,” said Peter.

Eventually his shooting season ended and his relationship with then-fiancé Hannah Ann Sluss quickly fizzled out. This time, said Peter, was “hard” for him.

Then when his season of The bachelor Peter was invited to Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin’s engagement party and was dying to leave when he found out Hannah Brown would be there.

“I see Hannah Brown walking in. She’s wearing that beautiful dress. The first thing you see is that big, beautiful smile. I thought, ‘Phew. All right. How will that work?'” Peter recalled. “… We end up chatting or something. We have to do this secretly because nobody can know about anything.”

Peter left the party but soon returned to Hannah. The couple had “a good chat” on the trip and ended up at Peter’s house, where they slept together.

“I’ve definitely opened up with her about a lot of things,” said Peter. “… It was good. We spent the night together. That was it. That was the last time I saw her physically.”

“The chemistry just wasn’t right,” said Hannah of the encounter, a statement that Peter agreed with.

“It just wasn’t quite there I guess,” he said. “I agree with what she said. It wasn’t what we initially felt, but it was still great to talk to.”

Then Hannah found out that Peter “had another girl on his mind”. This girl was his runner-up, Madison Prewett, who he dated briefly after his season aired.

Shortly afterwards, the two texted for the last time, although they didn’t understand each other badly.

“Things may not have turned out the way I expected, but I try to learn from each moment,” said Hannah. “I don’t wish anyone bad. And I’m in a really good place.”

“Nothing is bad. Nothing is malicious. Nothing is mean or anything,” agreed Peter, noting that he would “like” to include Hannah on his podcast. “… Hannah is one of the most amazing people I have ever met … She is a good, good person. A good, good heart …. Of course, I wish her every success and all the support.”

Peter also teased that his connection with Hannah is one of many things fans don’t know about his season’s aftermath The bachelor.

“Folks, if I could just write a story the second my season ends and whatever happened … This would be the most dramatic book you can imagine,” he said. “…. You don’t know how much I wish I could give this to you. How about if you campaign for the show to get me off my contract? [so I’d] to be able to write anything on paper. I’ll give it to you … It would be crazy. “

God bless this mess is due on November 23rd.


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