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Halle Bailey Shares BTS Look at ‘The Color Purple’ as She Was Filming

It’s a wrap on another project for Halle Bailey! The 22-year-old said on Instagram on Thursday that she has officially finished filming purple colourAnd to share many scenes from his time on set.

“And that’s a wrap for me on the color purple,” Bailey captioned the gallery of photos and videos showing her time on the Blitz Bazoule-directed film adaptation of the Broadway musical. “I am so grateful for this experience, completed my second big movie in the last year and a half God is great here are some of my favorite moments without showing too much ️”

The slides include photos of Bailey hugging and receiving flowers from filmmaker Oprah Winfrey, the actress trotting a horse, getting her hair done and filming in a lush Georgia location. Bailey also shared a video of the moment she finished her final scene, with Bajavale calling it a wrap and receiving her flowers from Winfrey. Co-stars Coleman Domingo and Phylicia Mapasi appear in a photo, as well as Bailey’s cat, Poseidon, in a slide showing Bailey in his trailer.

The actress’ friends and co-stars shared love in response to her post, including Domingo, who wrote, “So happy. Happy rap my friend. You were so incredible to work with. I love you.” Am.”

Chloe Bailey, her older sister and music partner – and often her biggest supporter – also left a comment that read, “I’m so proud of you!!!!”

The film is being produced by Steven Spielberg and Winfrey, which began shooting in Georgia in March. Spielberg directed the 1985 film of the same name that starred Winfrey.

Danielle Brooks and Fantasia Barrino star as Sophia and Celie, respectively. The rest of the star-studded cast includes Domingo as Mister, Mapasi as Young Celie, Taraji P as Shug Avery. Henson, Corey Hawkins as Harpo, HER as Squeak, Louis Gossett Jr. as Ol Mister, David Alan Grier as Reverend Avery. Tamela J. as First Lady. Mann, Ciara as adult Netty, Deion Cole as Alphonso and Stephen Hill as Buster.

ET spoke with Bailey on the red carpet at Sunday’s BET Awards, where she shared something about her time filming the musical adaptation.

“We’re about to wrap up next week, so keeping our fingers crossed we get it done, and I’m having a great time,” she marveled. “I pinch myself every day on that set … to be a part of such a historical film that we all knew growing up.”

“It’s like, ‘Wow, what can we do to make it even bigger than it already is? He added. “Because it’s such an amazing premise, and I’m grateful to be a part of the whole project.”

ET also spoke with Henson on the red carpet, who hosted the BET Awards for the second year in a row, and the 51-year-old shared some behind-the-scenes details on her role,

“I don’t think anyone is up for it, it’s beautiful,” Henson said of filming the musical. “We’re not working, still working and I’ll have to go back after this but I don’t think anyone is ready. It blows me away every day that we can. It’s just amazing cinematography.” “

Henson said there is something “special” about working on the film’s set, comparing it to his own experiences filming. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button And hidden figures,

“Every day we’re like, ‘Wow, can you believe what we’re doing?’ It’s special, you can feel it.”

“It’s magical, that’s the only way I can keep it,” Henson said of the production. “The vision of Blitz is so majestic and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen black people so beautiful.”

She continued, “At a time when it wasn’t beautiful for black people, there’s still beauty and joy. It’s not so heavy and sad and the weight of trauma, you know, it really is that black people.” How miraculously one can find joy even in the darkest of places.”

purple colour Is set to come out on December 20, 2023.

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