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Guy Fieri Reveals One Celebrity He’s Been Starstruck On: ‘I’ve Never Been More Nervous’ (Exclusive)

Celebrity chefs also get a little overwhelmed when it comes to cooking for big stars. As for Guy Fieri, it had to take on a beloved Oscar winner to feel starstruck.

The TV personality and celeb chef recently spoke with ET’s Nichelle Turner and Kevin Frazier on the set of their new Food Network show. Guy’s Ultimate Game NightAnd the movie star opened up about the encounter that really blew her mind.

As Fieri recalls, he was cooking at Sylvester Stallone’s house, and Al Pacino moved in.

Fieri explained, “You hope you’re gonna meet the legend and the legend, as he is,” and he sits down and he bites a couple and I’m just looking at him, like, more nervous than I’ve ever been. Didn’t.”

“He goes, puts his hand on the counter. He pushes the chair back and he goes, ‘Huh ah! Fieri remembered, of which Pacino’s famous quote scent of a Woman, “And I go out, I’m like ‘Did you see?!'”

Fieri’s new show, Guy’s Ultimate Game NightThe Mayor of Flavortown will also hang out and have fun with their famous friends as they play food-related and inspired games to win money for charity.

“We make rules as we go, we set up some ridiculous prizes, and we compete, family versus family, to the point where we’re knocking on the dinner table, breaking glasses and laughing uncontrollably. “Fun performance,” he explained. “Some kind of victory happens and in the end we get money for charity!”

Guy’s Ultimate Game Night Set to debut on Food Network and Discovery+ on August 31st.

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