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Gustavo Cerati’s sister shared unpublished messages and photos of the musician

On September 4, it was 8 years since the death of Gustavo Cerati, and his sister, Laura Cerati shared tender photos of the singer. (Photo: Laura_cerati)

On the occasion of mournful anniversary number eight of Gustavo Ceratihis sister, Laura Cerati He shared through his Instagram account never-before-seen photos of the Argentine star. In the description she reported that she found among her things an old cell phone from which she was able to retrieve valuable images and messages from her when she was talking to Gustavo.

“How good that I found this old celu! He still has messages from that time… my brother wishing me well at the premiere of my play (he was on tour), and another from Uruguay asking me to go on vacation… among many others,” Laura said.

It is a Motorola brand phone, which opens up so that the screen lights up, and it seems to be very well preserved, it really is a treasure that Laura continues to treasure because of the meaning it has. The photographs that she posted on her profile were four, two capturing Gustavo and the other two with the talk that she mentions.

The former leader of soda Stereo she holds a cute puppy in her arms and they both look at the mobile phone camera. The puppy is white with ears, a spot on the eye and part of the body black and Cerati wears a beret very happy and he looks extremely comfortable hugging the dog.

Gustavo Cerati poses for his sister's camera holding a puppy.  (Photo: Laura_cerati)
Gustavo Cerati poses for his sister’s camera holding a puppy. (Photo: Laura_cerati)

The shots of the puppy with the singer have a description that reads as follows: “They are veiled photos of a better time…” A fifth photo shows Laura also carrying the little animal.

In the following photographs you can read two text messages, one dated October 17, 2009, where the musician wishes Laura a good day and the second is from October 20, 2010 and Cerati invites her to to get together.

The sister of the Argentine singer-songwriter did not erase, nor will she erase those last words that her brother dedicated to her. It is as if time stopped in those good moments that both lived to the fullest.

Text messages exchanged between Gustavo Cerati and Laura in 2009 and 2010. (Photo: Laura_cerati)
Text messages exchanged between Gustavo Cerati and Laura in 2009 and 2010. (Photo: Laura_cerati)

On August 11, 2022, the vocalist of soda Stereoone of the most influential rock groups in Spanish, Gustavo Ceratiwould be turning 63 years old, however, his life ended on September 4, 2014 after not resisting the coma due to a brain problem.

Through your official account Instagrama new album by the author was announced, 14 Symphonic Episodes of his concert at the National Auditorium in Mexico City in February 2002. What is known is that the venue fulfilled the total quota for that show, and around 26,000 people attended.

In that concert hits like Natural force, Deja vu, Rapture, among others. The album was Gustavo Cerati’s fifth studio album as a solo artist. That tour will always be remembered, because it was before the tragic event that would forever remove Gustavo Adrián from the stage.

It was in 2010, after a concert given in Caracas, Venezuela, when Gustavo Cerati presented symptoms that led him to an inevitable coma. A sudden cerebrovascular accident took a great of music, after four years of remaining in an inert state, sadly On Thursday, September 4, 2014, Cerati died in Buenos Aires, Argentina.a.


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