Home Entertainment Gustavo Carrillo, the voice behind ‘Jack Black’ in ‘Escuela de Rock’, dies

Gustavo Carrillo, the voice behind ‘Jack Black’ in ‘Escuela de Rock’, dies

Gustavo Carrillo, the voice behind 'Jack Black' in 'Escuela de Rock', dies

gustavo Huri Cheek Saavedra, Mexican voice actorhandjob 55. died on due to complications with COVID-19.

This was reported by the profile of “Mexican Dubbing” via Twitter, where he recalled the trajectory of over 30 years Of Gustavo Carrillo placeholder image in industry. He also worked as a singer.

His works include the voices of Timothy McGee. “NCIS”MILF White Pantera Inn “Tiger”handjob Jack Black in “School of Rock” among others. In “Billy and Mandy” was Mandy’s father. With over 30 years of experience, Carrillo Saavedra also has over a hundred additional voices “Dragon Ball G”, “Knights of the Zodiac”, “Rama ” and “One Piece”, among others.

Following reports of his death, Internet users and voice-over partners expressed their condolences and condolences for the interpreter’s sensitive death.

Rest in peace Gustavo Carrillo. Good Journey!” (sic), written by Lalo Garza, the voice behind Krillin in “Dragon Ball Z” and Dan Humphrey in “Gossip Girl”.

“Dubbing again … and because of the damn virus… RIP my gus gus..” (sic), lamented Alicia Barragan, “Miraculous: The Adventures of Ladybug and Chair Noir” and Aaliyah Cesare in Namari the voice behind. In Raya and the Last Dragon.

Similarly, internet users sent their condolences to the family and those in charge of remembering the actor’s legacy.

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