Gustavo Adolfo Intante responded to Enrique Guzman’s demand

After MEXICO CITY.- Enrique Guzman Is presented for prosecutor’s office A complaint against the General of Justice of Mexico City Gustavo Adolfo Intante, The journalist stated his position regarding legal action.

Mr. Enrique Guzman condemned me for the crime And of course I am going to fix my situation. I remind Don Enrique that I wasn’t going to say, I did not say, It was your granddaughter, Frida Sophia, Which he calls crazy, “he said through his YouTube program.

“personally I think the claim is false; Professionally, I have no doubt that I did what I should have done and what I should have done We did what we should have done as a means of communication, As a program, but above all as humans, condemn this. I think Frida is going to do it next week and that is the most important thing. ”

Enrique Guzman condemns “discrimination”

Interpreters of “La Plaga” and “Two Cabez en mi Hombro” shared a report on their social networks in which they indicated that Filed a complaint against the journalist For “their possible involvement in acts with the presence of” Discrimination offense“.

According to Article 206 of the penal code for the federal district, Which is mentioned in the report, “will be levied Jail for one to three years or work of twenty five to one hundred days “Whoever” instigates or fines in favor of the community and for fifty to two hundred days Incites hatred or violence “.

I don’t want to be hot i shouldn’t talk too much. This is a time when we should have a calm head and especially the advice of lawyers. I did not speak with them, it was only 6:30 pm and suddenly they started speaking to me, ”said the journalist, who had no idea about the action taken by Enrique Guzman.

He further stated that Not yet reported“Journalistic ethics is priceless. I responded to the communicator about the interview I did with Alexandra Guzman’s daughter, making a commitment with Frida Sophia to pass on her absolute truth without editing anything.”

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