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Gustavo Adolfo Infante responds to Alfredo Adame’s accusations: “Shut the mouth of the insane”

After Alfredo Adame accused Gustavo Adolfo Infante of sexual harassment and abuse, this Thursday the entertainment journalist took time on his program, First handto respond to these remarks.

“I am going to take exactly 15 seconds, the time this person deserves, to say: a former actor, former driver, He has said that I have 21 preliminary investigation files for rape, pederasty and sexual abuse”, said the presenter.

Gustavo Adolfo Infante reacts to the alleged accusation of sexual harassment against him: “I’m going to prove that it’s a lie”

Then, he said that “we have already entered the database and there is not a single one.”

“For all those who took the opportunity to hit me and say that I am a rapist or stalker, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow we will publish it for shut the mouth of the insane”, added the entertainment journalist.

Finally, Infante commented: “I don’t know how the media can take into account the madman of Alfredo Adame”.

Accusations of Alfredo Adame against Gustavo Adolfo Infante

During a meeting with several media outlets, Adame accused the journalist of sexual harassment and abuse shows.

“I already started to scratch the past. The important thing about all this is that I am already extracting everything you know: all his sexual harassment, sexual abuse, all the pederasty, all the rapes he has committed. And out of six folders we got from an investigative firm, five turned out to be true. I’m taking all that out of him,” said the actor.

He does not have a degree, he does not have a journalism degree; he usurped functions because he went to the Prosecutor’s Office specializing in the protection of journalists to file a complaint against me for money laundering, illegal arms trafficking, but the Prosecutor’s Office did not know that he is not a journalist. Now they are going to proceed against him because resources are being spent for a whipper who usurped functions.”


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