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Gustavo Adolfo Infante remembers how his enmity with Alfredo Adame began: “It burned”

In recent years, Alfredo Adame He has starred in many controversies, especially for his fights with other celebrities, for example: Carlos Trejo, Rey Grupero, Diana Golden, Laura Bozzo, Mary Paz Banquells Y Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

Regarding the enmity between the host and the entertainment journalist, it was the owner of the program First hand who recalled how this situation began, this during a meeting with several media outlets.

Did you bother? Alfredo Adame reacts to a photo of Magaly Chávez and Carlos Trejo together

“The big problem is that one day Adame invites me to eat and Juan Jose Duke, and they tell me: ‘We found a transsexual who is pimped by Rey GruperoApart from that, he got AIDS, he goes and hits him,’” the journalist recalled.

Given this, Gustavo Adolfo decided to send a reporter to investigate the case, but “the person says: ‘Sorry Alfredo, what you paid me doesn’t support me saying anything about Rey Grupero, a man I don’t know.’ So we invited this person on the show and he said so, and there Adame caught fire”.

“Later he says that I convinced his son to say that he is homophobic… I didn’t even know the boy,” Infante added about another accusation against him by Adame.

Lastly, the owner of First hand He said that “I believe that if someone is homophobic, they are homophobic, and I believe that if the man does not have a job, it is for a reason. And if I have the blessing of having 7 jobs, it is also for a reason”.

In the same meeting with the media, Infante reacted to Sergio Mayer’s presidential aspirations: “I think the joke tells itself”.

On the criticism he received for a recent interview with Laura Bozzo After having previously attacked the Peruvian driver, he said: “I work for a company, I have an opinion of Laura Bozzo and I can change it; today you can like me and tomorrow you can dislike me. So when you work in television and do so many hours of television every day, you can change your mind and nothing happens.


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