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Guns N’ Roses “We’re f’n’ back” tour confirmed in Mexico for October

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Guns N’ Roses arrive at City of Sports Stadium (the old Blue Stadium) on October 21 as part of his “We’re f’n’ back” tour in Mexico, with which they will also visit Mérida, Guadalajara and Monterrey. In addition, they celebrate the 35th anniversary of the legendary album ‘Appetite for Destruction’.

“This tour has a very special touch. In Monterrey and Mérida, this tour had to be postponed due to Covid and that gave him a little doubt. Today, the important thing is that you know that this is the biggest rock tour of the year. Guns N’ Roses is a legendary band, they are going to come to give four dates in four geographical points that will allow anyone who lives in Mexico to be at a close distance to enjoy them”, he declared. Joseph Louis Alvadirector and founder of the promoter company Music Vibe.

Our commitment as promoters will be to continue bringing top-level content in this genre and in others to come, as we have done.”, he added.

This tour, which is already considered as the biggest and most important rock tour of the yearwill present a unique show conscientiously designed by the American group that is made up of a repertoire full of the hits that immortalized the band over the years, allowing them to be part of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and many of the songs that are part of your current material.

The promoters announced that the sale in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Mérida is going very well, but they hope it can improve in the Monterrey market.

In the meeting with the press it was confirmed that Molotov will be the one accompanying Guns N’ Roses in their concerts in Mérida and Guadalajara. Ismael “Tito” Fuentes de Garay and Randy Ebrightof Molotovwere present during the conference and discussed their plans and their relationship with Guns N’ Roses.

“I was an ultra fan of Guns since I was a kid, we feel very good, incredible”, comments Tito Fuentes and about Molotov he added: “We just finished a new album after 8, 9 years of not releasing anything. We are in the post, in the mixes, and we are going to play new songs live, but this is incredible. I’m a huge Guns fan.”

In addition, it was revealed that the royal band TheWarningwho is now on tour in the United States, will open for Guns N’ Roses in Monterrey, Nuevo León.


  • Regarding Mexico City, the organizers confirmed that there is no one to open the Guns N’ Roses concert at the Ciudad de los Deportes Stadium. However, they do not rule out that someone may arrive in the future.
  • Tickets for each date of the Guns N’ Roses tour in Mexico are already on sale online and at all the box offices of the various venues
  • In addition, José Luis Alva declared that with the Guns N’ Roses concert they will be able to reactivate the Ciudad de los Deportes Stadium as a venue for shows, as he assures that it is a perfectly suitable place for this type of concert.

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