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Guitarist Oscar López Ruiz, hospitalized in critical condition and with a poor prognosis

Guitarist Oscar López Ruiz, hospitalized in critical condition and with a poor prognosis

Guitarist and composer Oscar López Ruiz, 83, who He played for 25 years with Ástor Piazzolla – he was a member of the Quinteto Nuevo Tango, Conjunto 9 and Octeto Ástor Piazzolla-, was on the night of this Tuesday, December 21, hospitalized in intensive care at the Güemes Sanatorium and his health is critical, his daughter Alejandra López Jascalevich reported on her Facebook account.

“I come to tell you that my father’s state of health is critical. Hospitalized for a picture of septicemia, and admitted to intensive care and intubated … and excellently treated at the Güemes Sanatorium; his body is not responding to the treatments. And his life is gone. We can only hope for the worst“wrote the daughter of the great musician.

Owner of an outstanding and long career in Argentine popular music -whether as a composer, arranger, conductor or guitarist, throughout his life he collaborated with numerous groups and orchestras.

Oscar López Ruiz, Marisa Ini And Donna Caroll, Did The Show &Quot;Bien De Familia&Quot; Together.  Photo Lorena Lucca

Oscar López Ruiz, Marisa Ini and Donna Caroll, did the show “Bien de familia” together. PHOTO LORENA LUCCA

The endless list of unforgettable names

Among the artists with whom the musician played, there are figures of the stature of Lalo Schifrin, Jorge López Ruiz, Buby Lavecchia, Sergio Mihanovich, Carlos García, Oscar Alemán, Leopoldo Federico, Dino Saluzzi, Leandro ‘Gato’ Barbieri, Baby López Furst, Pichi Mazzei, Donna Caroll, Eladia Blázquez, Chico Novarro, Sergio Mihanovich, the Quartet Zupay and Eduardo ‘Negro’ Lagos.

He also served as musical director of the Trova record label between 1967 and 1969, recorded, among others, Enrique ‘Mono’ Villegas, Ástor Piazzolla, Chico Novarro and Horacio Ferrer.

The companion Astor

In 1961, at the expense of the suggestions and recommendations of his brother, the double bass player Jorge López Ruiz, Oscar began to play with Astor Piazzolla’s Quinteto Nuevo Tango, and in the course of the next 25 years he joined various groups that the bandoneonist and composer formed.

From that place, he participated in a series of works that were revolutionary within tango and what would later become the music of Buenos Aires, such as, for example, Piazzolla or not? Danceable or apiazolado (1961); Our time (1962), Contemporary tango Y Tango for a city, both released in 1963.

Oscar López Ruiz With Ástos Piazzolla.  Photo Facebook National Radio San Martín

Oscar López Ruiz with Ástos Piazzolla. Photo Facebook National Radio San Martín

That trajectory was also the scene of an enormous amount of anecdotes, experiences and lessons learned that the musician transformed into the book Piazzolla, crazy, crazy, crazy: 25 years of work and shit living with a genius.

Together in life and in music

In 1966, Oscar married singer Donna Caroll, owner of one of the great voices of jazz in Argentina, in addition to starring in musical comedies such as The kiss of spider women, The ridiculous precious Y To the capital, among others, and since then, their careers were as associated as their own lives.

López Ruiz also created the music for films and plays for directors such as Fernando Ayala, Héctor Olivera, Leopoldo Torre Nilsson, Rodolfo Kuhn, Ricardo Alventosa, David Stivel, Pepe Cibrián Campoy, Enrique Pinti and Antonio Gasalla.

Inseparable, López Ruiz And Donna Caroll, Together In Jazz As In Life.  Photo Gustavo Garello

Inseparable, López Ruiz and Donna Caroll, together in jazz as in life. PHOTO GUSTAVO GARELLO

And he also contributed his talent for the composition of thirty-five magazine shows at the Maipo and Astros theaters, while at the same time he was still linked to jazz as a guitarist, arranger and musical director.


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