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Guilty of his death? Andrés García makes a shocking confession about the fall of Vicente Fernández

  • Andrés García makes a shocking statement
  • He believes that he could have caused the death of Vicente Fernández
  • He made the confession in a YouTube video

Guilty of his death? Along with his complicated state of health, Andrés García has worried his followers about some of the revelations that he makes, week after week, in his videos of Youtube. The former soap opera heartthrob has even said that he feels death very close and that he has begun to lose his sanity, among other things.

However, in one of his most recent materials he surprised everyone, because in his statements he assures that he could have caused the fall that cost Vicente Fernández his life. He explained that he had been in communication with “El Charro de Huentitán”, they even sent each other videos in which they boasted about their medical progress and even competed, since both suffered from problems walking.

Andrés García believes that Vicente Fernández fell because of him

Andrés García believes that Vicente Fernández fell because of him

“The wonderful Vicente Fernández left us. A great friend, and unfortunately, I think he fell because of racing with me because we used to send each other videos and he was also having trouble walking and then he told me: ‘look at this video, Andrés, I’m going to show you, you’ll see how good I’m on my way,’” said Andrés García.

The Mexican actor, who was recently diagnosed with cirrhosis, commented that in those videos Chente walked ‘half a limp’, but still walked and even faster than him: “And I sent him videos here on the beach so he could see how he was improving , which curiously, now I am getting worse”.

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