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Grupo Intocable returns to the stage


He draws sighs and tears to thousands of his followers

MEXICO CITY (El Universal) .— The Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez was filled with hats and dancing with the presentation of the group Intocable, who made a musical tour of all their hits, which drew sighs from lovers and made those in pain shed tears .

Under a cold and humid climate thousands of fans of the American band began to arrive at the venue, to enjoy a show they had waited for more than a year.

The concert, most anticipated by many residents of the capital, started around 9:30 pm with songs such as “Don’t go”, “Take me with you”, “Damn love” and “No one is indispensable.”

“We really wanted to return to Mexico City and thank you very much for making this moment possible,” said vocalist Ricardo Muñoz when greeting the audience.

Despite the distance between the boxes to keep a healthy distance and avoid contagion of Covid-19, the great emotion and the singing in unison of several songs of the group, made one feel an extreme warmth and a brotherhood between all the assistants, who identified themselves with the letters.

Above all, in the songs dedicated to people who were heartbroken, who sang with great impetus and accompanied by beer, they let off steam, shedding the occasional tear, while hugging their companions.

“Thank you very much, we are doing well. I am very glad that they are having an incredible time. How many are in love tonight and how many are in pain? I feel sorry for those who are suffering because this song is one of the ones that hurts the most in tonight’s repertoire, “said the singer before performing” I forgive you. “

The evening continued with songs such as “Aire”, “Teach me to forget you”, “Someone is going to make you cry”, “For her”, “That hurts”, “Where are you”, among many more; Some of these songs were sung with great euphoria, so Muñoz had to stop singing to give the microphone to his audience.

Untouchable was one of the bands that held some self-concerts during the pandemic, but since these were suspended due to the increase in cases of coronavirus, the members of the band had not met again to play, so after their return to the stage They gave themselves completely to their followers and did everything possible to make an unforgettable show.

After an evening full of romanticism and above all a lot of dancing, Intocable closed with the most anticipated songs of the night, “And everything for what”, “Coqueta”, “I am not strong”, “I will never let you go”, “I am going to do ”and“ For someone else ”.

“Thank you very much for being here with us. We have completed 27 years of musical career. Seriously, thank you very much to everyone who has been there since the beginning and to everyone who has been getting on the boat over the years, ”said Muñoz.