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Grupo Firme sends a information to Los Tigres del Norte on the dying of their mother

Previous Saturday when The Northern Tigers gave a live performance in Querétaro they located out that their mom, Consuelo Ángulo de Hernández, experienced handed away, information that they also shared with the general public that was at their display. Driving this, the musicians have obtained messages of condolences, amongst them that of Grupo Firme.

As a result of an Instagram story Eduin Caz, vocalist and chief of Grupo Firme, mourned the death of the members’ mother of Los Tigres del Norte, who had to cease their concert in Querétaro for a couple minutes just after obtaining the information of the demise of their mom.

“Eduin Caz, Isael Gutiérrez and the overall Musicvip Entertainment and Grupo Firme workforce join in the sorrow of our good friends Los Tigres del Norte for the delicate dying of their mother Consuelo Ángulo de Hernández. We deliver our condolences to his spouse and children and close friends,” read through the Grupo Firme assertion.

Grupo Firme have been not the only ones to mourn the demise of the mother of Los Tigres del Norte, lots of other popular have expressed their condolences to the musicians who have assured that inspite of the sorrow that overwhelms them, they will continue on with their commitments.

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The Northern Tigers master of the demise of their mom

In videos that flow into on social networks of the moment in which Los Tigres del Norte report on the dying of their mom, Jorge Hernández, vocalist and accordionist of the team, mentioned that they would proceed with the concert.

“We are going to carry on with the songs, if you listen to tears coming out, then justification us,” he commented though the general public applauded them as a way of cheering them on at this kind of a difficult time they were being likely by means of.

It is predicted that this Oct 27 Los Tigres del Norte will return to the phase the place they will remember “the manager of the bosses”, due to the fact the musicians assure that their mom taught them that they experienced to fulfill with your audience.


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