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‘Grey’s Anatomy”s Giacomo Gianniotti talks about wife Nicole’s ‘devastating’ miscarriage

gray’s anatomy Alum, Giacomo Gianniotti is opening up about his and his wife, Nicole Gustafson’s fertility issues. during Monday’s episode Man Enough Podcast Gianniotti told hosts Justin Baldoni, Liz Plank and Jamie Heath that his wife suffered repeated miscarriages, resulting in a “medical abortion”.

“Even though my suffering cannot be compared to that of my wife, I still endured,” said Gianniotti. “I still lost two kids. Will never meet them. Will never know their names. Never gonna push them on the swing. I lost her. It’s heavy.”

Gianniotti detailed the traumatic experience, noting that each step of the process was beyond daunting, from finding out that you’ve lost your child, to overcoming that trauma by sharing the news with your friends and family. .

“For my wife and I, the trauma was threefold because the first trauma is finding out that you have lost your child, which is extremely painful,” he explained.

He continued, “The second trauma is going to a medical facility where that child is being removed from his body and the final form is incredibly painful. The third trauma is sharing this news with your community, loved ones. [and] family and friends, and to overcome that trauma through sharing it.”

Describing the experience as “traumatic”, the 32-year-old Italian-Canadian actor said he wanted to speak publicly about the experience to show how men are affected by abortion.

“I can’t tell you what it means to bring it to me without me bringing it up for you,” he said.

While it has been a difficult time for the pair, Gianniotti said that he and his wife went to therapy to deal with the devastating loss.

“This is happening during a pandemic, where we are [not] Gianniotti, who tied the knot with Gustafsson in April 2019 after dating since 2015, said, “We were incredibly isolated as we would normally be social.” “We felt incredibly lonely. These kinds of experiences can make or break a relationship and I’m so lucky we got to be close.”

After the interview, Gustafsson praised her husband for having an “important conversation” while it was a “personal issue” for him and many others.

“So proud of my husband doing so much personal talking to us and so many others. … I hope other men can feel and feel so incredibly vulnerable when they see a man like my @giacomo_gianniotti That they too can speak on these issues,” Gustafsson wrote. “We need other men to share our stories. Giacomo, I love you so much ️,” she wrote in the caption accompanying a video of her talking on her husband’s podcast.

To learn more about Gianniotti, watch the video below.

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