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Greenville artists stand out at the Carolina Music Awards

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This year at the Carolina Music Awards, there are several Greenville artists who stand out on the list of nominees.

The Carolina Awards recognize the state’s talent in the music genres of rock, hip hop, youth, bluegrass, Americana, country and R&B. YOU MAY BE INTERESTED: From Shawn Mendes to Karol G, concerts you can’t miss this summer in Charlotte. “Each year we strive to continue to help Carolina artists and support the music that is being created in the Carolinas. We’re focused on developing the music industry while encouraging growth,” the awards state. In the 15 years it’s been held, there have been 400 winners and 5,000 nominees, according to its website.

In this edition, several Greenville artists stand out among the Carolina Music Awards nominees: Dj 6-4, Ira I Keyz Clark, nominated for DJ of the Year, Trenice, nominated for Producer of the Year, Female R&B Artist, Playboy Poppy, Hip Male -Hop artists. Find the full list of nominees and vote for your favorite here. YOU MAY ALSO BE INTERESTED: Black Bear walked the streets of GreenvilleTaylor Swift premiere song about North Carolina

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