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“Gran Reserva, el origin” recounts the past of a successful Spanish series

When the fans of Grand Reserve they bet on a fourth season, to see what the eternal confrontation between the Cortázars and the Revertes would be like, a spin-off arrived as a prequel. The fans had more, but in a kind of rearview mirror. And, instead of knowing how that rivalry between the Rioja vineyards ended, found out how it all started.

That’s what the plot points to. Gran Reserva, the originthe Spanish fiction that since September 1 is available in Flow (like the three seasons of the mother seriesstarring Emilio Gutierrez Caba and Angela Molina).

In the inevitable game of comparisons, Grand Reserve to dry has better bouquet, what better definition for a plot in which wine has a leading role. The soap opera that premiered on Spanish television in 2010 and was on the screen until 2013 captivated a loyal audience, who knew how to value that blend of suspense and melodrama. Two wine families confronted by the grape business.

One of the virtues of this series is the recreation of the period, the '60s well brushed.

One of the virtues of this series is the recreation of the period, the ’60s well brushed.

The story was breathless. And the central characters did not stop pulling tricks from the sleeve. At that point in television, it was decided to commission the production company Bambú – a powerhouse of unforgettable fictions such as Velvet or grand hotel– throw back time and show where these people came from.

And then this story was created that tours the vineyards of those families in the mid ’60s. For those who saw -we saw- the original series, it is interesting to discover the roots of those clans, see what faces the heads of families that we had known had when they were young already grown up.

For those who come across Gran Reserva, the origin as a gateway to Cortazar universe vs. reversethey will see a correct, entertaining series, but they will not have the springboard of the futurethat narrative table necessary to jump back. So are the prequels: They offer something new, but it comes with yapa if one saw what happens next.

Sure, they are benefits of fiction, which does with time what it wants.

The series invites you to discover, in the youthful faces, the essence of the characters of Gran Reserva (the original).

The series invites you to discover, in the youthful faces, the essence of the characters of Gran Reserva (the original).

the two stories they are similar in simplicity and are supported by the great names of their castsbut in the version of The origin the agility, the rhythm of the key scenes, the handling of the intrigues are missed. It has a more leisurely way, a threat of slowness that, about to fall into lethargy, wakes up. As if someone moved the glass so that the wine gives off its best essence.

The beauty of natural settings is decisive when choosing this series, which also find another hook in the game of similarities and differences for those who saw Grand Reserve: how much does it look like veronica sanchez a Angela Molina (she showed off in the mother series), the two actresses who give life to Sofía, from the Reverte clan.

And in relation to the Cortázar family, managed in this spin off by Don Alejandro, the search is on seeing the similarity of Víctor Clavijo with the great Gutiérrez Cabain the interpretation of a young Vicente Cortázar (one of the four sons of the owner of the wineries, Grand Reserve Patriarch).

It does not have the level of the original, but enjoys the attraction of showing the hidden roots of two family trees that stepped strong in Spanish fiction for three seasons. And how bonus trackin this prequel the Mirandas enter the dance, to show that, For some, family doesn’t always come first..


Qualification: Good

Drama Protagonists: José Manuel Cervino, Víctor Clavijo and Verónica Sánchez, among others Creation: Ramón Campos and Gema Neira, for Bambú Producciones Address: Miguel Count Issue: 26 chapters available in Flow.

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