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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Goodbye HBO Max? The platform will disappear and we will tell you what will happen

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On August 3, rumors surfaced that hinted at the sudden disappearance of HBO Max. The consortium owners met this afternoon to see the future of the streaming platform and take drastic action for the future. You might be interested in:

Documentary Exposes Group Sexual Abuse Menudo: ‘Naked And Bleeding I Knew They Had Entered Me’ Will HBO Max And Discovery Merge? Following the owners’ meeting, the decision was made that HBO Max and Discovery+ will offer their service through a single streaming platform, according to Warner Bros and Discovery head David Zaslav.

From now on, the new platform will have a new official name, but this will be carried out first in the USA until 2023 and in other regions in 2024. Also, there will be an ad-free version of the combined streaming platform , so it could be accessed but with multiple ads, similar to YouTube. ‘Batgirl’ Cancellation Sparked Alarm Prior to this announcement, Warner Media canceled the premiere of ‘Bat Girl’ and dropped six original content movies without notice, leading users to suspect a possible cancellation of the service.

“The decision not to release Batgirl reflects the strategic shift in our leadership regarding the DC Universe and HBO Max,” a spokesman for Warner Bros. Pictures said in a statement. 🗒️ The KEYS of the #WarnerBrosDiscovery meeting – New HBO Max + Discovery Plus service – Quality > Quantity – More meaning for the trinity Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman – Reference to DC as a studio – 2022 is a year of transition pic.twitter. com/cn4lGPiD0C – Club DC Spain (@ClubDCSpain) August 4, 2022 Subscribers were not enough for the owners to keep HBO Max as a standalone product. The new numbers don’t include Discovery’s 10 million subscribers, so that would be added to HBO Max’s numbers for the merger. The news surprised fans, who questioned a possible merger of the platform with the other Warner Media companies. HBO Max content in the country is set to change soon, the platform hasn’t announced what content will be coming from its offering or if others it unleashed will be returning.

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